‘Caprica’ And ‘Stargate Universe’ Still Alive On Syfy

Despite disappointing live ratings, DVR numbers may help save the troubled shows.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'Caprica' And 'Stargate Universe' Still Alive On Syfy

With the arrival of "WWE Friday Smackdown," two of Syfy's biggest sci-fi shows have moved from their traditional Friday night timeslot to Tuesdays. Unfortunately, the relatively low ratings for the second season of "Stargate Universe" and the mid-season premiere of "Caprica" have led some observers to question whether either series will be able to continue.
However a report at Airlock Alpha from this weekend's Syfy Digital Press Junket cites an unnamed Syfy employee who stressed that no decision has been made yet regarding the fate of either series. The source also stated that the DVR numbers for both series have yet to be released and both shows have previously done very well in that area.
The mid-season premiere of "Caprica" pulled in 900,000 viewers, down 18% from the mid-season finale. While "Stargate Universe" has averaged just over one million viewers in two episodes since its return. Over the summer,  "Warehouse 13" occupied the same night of television and managed to sustain an audience which led to its third season. However, competition during the summer is usually not very heavy.
Despite the lower numbers for the two fall shows, there are mitigating factors. The current Tuesday schedule is among the most hotly contested on network and cable TV. "Caprica" also returned to the Syfy schedule several months early; which may not have been enough time to build up momentum to its return.
While the DVR numbers may help stabilize both series, Airlock Alpha also points out that the best way to support the shows is to keep watching and to keep spreading the word about their new timeslots. "Stargate Universe" airs Tuesdays at 9PM, followed by "Caprica" at 10PM on Syfy.