Movie Short Bus – 6.4.10

Killers, Get Him to the Greek and Marmaduke all come out the same weekend. Owen Wilson, Ashton Kutcher and Russell Brand compete for most annoying voice!

Nathan Jordanby Nathan Jordan

Movie Short Bus - 6.4.10

By Nathan Jordan
This past week was a lame one at the box office. Shrek 4 held on to the top spot with $43 million, followed by Sex and the City 2: The Mummies' Return with $31 million and Prince of Persia: Time Machine Sand Box with $30 million. MacGruber made 35 cents this week and fell so far in the box office rankings that Universal is denying it ever existed. 

Are movie-goers finally getting tired of sequel after sequel? With the disappointing box office of Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2, plus this week’s epic fail, it may be that the public is hungry for some originality. Or it could just be that everyone would rather stay home and watch Glee

This week features two movies I might actually want to see:

Splice. Beyond the creepy billboards, I have no idea what this movie is about, but it seems like one of those movies where the less you know, the better. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to read all of the decent reviews coming out. I only know that there’s a bald chick in it, and that’s enough for me, cousin.

Get Him to the Greek
seems like it could be funny. Russell Brand revisits the character he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jonah Hill is back as well, but confusingly he plays a different character than the one that he played in the first film. Actually, it probably doesn’t matter since most of the audience for this film will be high anyway.

I would also suggest getting high if you go and see Marmaduke. Could this be why Owen Wilson tried to kill himself?

And then there’s Killers, with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Just in case you haven’t seen The Bounty Hunter and don’t plan on seeing Knight and Day.

Meanwhile, the big news of the week is that Guillermo Del Toro has drop-kicked The Hobbit. After all that preproduction work, Del Toro has decided to move on since MGM is neck deep in s**t soup. There is no replacement for Del Toro yet, but Peter Jackson has said that he might direct the film after all (but only if he can get out of  contracts he’s already signed with other studios). This is the same kind of thing that happened to the Bond series, so I wouldn’t look for The Hobbit or its sequel to come out anytime soon.

While we wait for a Short Circuit or Police Academy remake to come out, we may have to get our Steve Gutenberg fix from another sequel to Three Men and a Baby. Tom Selleck told MTV, “It is true Disney checked my availability.” I can tell you Tom Selleck’s availability. He’s available.

In cool sequel news, Charles Grodin is mulling over whether or not to appear in the sequel to Midnight Run. He’s been retired from movies since starring in Beethoven 2 (I’d retire at that point as well), but is reportedly ready to make a comeback of sorts. Sweet!

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