Top Ten Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Time

For a cool $6 million, they can all be yours!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Top Ten Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Time

If you're anything like us, you've got all your most sacred comics tucked away in some vacuum-sealed acid-proof packaging in a remote location only you and one other person in the world (trusted under penalty of death) knows about.

Unfortunately, all the careful collecting in the world isn't going to make what you've got come within screaming range of these comics, which include some of the most rare - and certainly the most valuable - comics of all time. 

 10. Amazing Fantasy #15


The title that launched the career of legendary superhero Spider-Man first hit racks in in 1962. Published by Marvel Comics, the book was originally worth 12 cents. My, how the times have changed.


Approximate value in mint condition: $210,000


9. Flash Comics #1



There's rare, and then there's Flash Comics #1 rare. Published in 1940 and featuring The Hawkman, The Whip & Johnny Thunder, it was only produced in very small quantities, and there was so little faith behind it that issue # 2 was renamed “Whiz Comics”.


Approximate value in mint condition: $290,000


8. More Fun Comics #52



The Spectre - looking quite a bit like a mid-eighties wrestler dressing up as Dr. Doom - first appeared in the issue dated February 1940. It marked the first publication of the company that would become DC Comics, and the first comic book series to feature solely original material rather than reprints of newspaper strips. And is it just us , or is the guy in the lower right corner reaching down his pants?


Approximate value in mint condition: $300,000


7. Batman #1



The spotlight shone on Batman for the first time in Batman #1. Published in the Spring of 1940, the book was subtitled the "All Brand New Adentures of The Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder!"  Surprisingly, the costumes of both characters would stay the essentially the same for generations to come.


Approximate value in mint condition: $350,000


6. Detective Comics #1



Originally an anthology comic, published in March 1937. It went on to feature Batman and Superman. There's very little chance that a comic would be published in the U.S. today with the same cover, given the racial caricature.


Approximate value in mint condition: $405,000




5. Marvel Comics #1



The Human Torch, The Angel, Submariner & the Masked Raider all make their debuts in this initial October 1939 Marvel Comics launch.


Approximate value in mint condition: $420,000


4. All-American Comics #16



This ultra-rare comic from 1939 features The Green Lantern going up against a dude with a tommy-gun on the cover, looking more like an old-school magician than a superhero.


Approximate value in mint condition: $430,000


3. Superman #1



The first comic book devoted entirely to Superman was published in WWII-era 1939, spawning a new phenomenon in comics and building the legacy of one of the most popular superhero characters ever created.


Approximate value in mint condition: $670,000


2. Detective Comics #27



Batman first saw the light of day here, released in May 1939 and featuring mostly detective stories. The first appearance of ‘The Bat-Man’, as he was then called, is not an origin story; we're thrown right into the action - provided "we" can get our hands on this $1.3 million gem in the first place.


Approximate value in mint condition: $1,380,000


1. Action Comics #1



The first-ever appearance of Superman occurs in this staggeringly valuable comic, published in June of 1938. It's the only Superman comic to feature this type of super-logo - the title underwent numerous design changes over the span of the next several issues.


It is the most expensive comic book in the world.


Approximate value in mint condition: $1,390,000


Data from Telegraph/NYTimes