Movies On The Run: People Who Hunt Other People

A closer look at some of the best human-hunters on film.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Movies On The Run: People Who Hunt Other People

In the futuristic action-thriller Repo Men, Jude Law plays Remy, a repossession expert for The Union who collects artifical organs from their past due recipients. After a freak accident, Remy finds himself fitted with a top-of-the-line heart-replacement - and a hefty debt. The hunter soon becomes the hunted, as Remy goes on the run and the Union dispatches his former partner Jake (Forest Whitaker) to track him down.


Repo Men hits theaters March 19, so we decided it's time to take a look at the best Movies On The Run - films involving people being chased, with a special focus on those hunting them.


Predator - The Predator



If a film can be judged by the number of catch phrases it spawns, Predator stands among the best films of all time ("Get to the chopper!," "I aint got time to bleed," etc.). Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is dropped with an elite special forces team into the deep Latin American jungles on a covert mission to rescue another group of U.S. forces, but quickly find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial being - a new breed of alien to moviegoers, far bigger and badder than any of the meathead military boys in the jungle.  Everyone they were sent to rescue has been killed in gruesome, inexplicable fashion, and soon Dutch's classic team of brutes are picked off one by one by a perfectly camouflaged hunter in their midst. With everyone else dead, Dutch must use his wits and sheer willpower to keep from falling victim to the Predator, "get to the choppa" and become the governor of California.


Inglourious Basterds - The Basterds



2010 Best Picture Academy Award nominee Inglourious Basterds tells a new tale of World War II, a fictionalized account of Jewish American soldiers dropped behind enemy lines and given orders to collect one hundred Nazi scalps apiece. A brilliant upping of the ante for Tarantino, and as brutally awesome a tale of revenge as the Kill Bill films.Christoph Waltz was nominated for his unforgettable role as the Jew Hunter in the film as well, and if you've seen it, you know precisely why; the man is evil incarnate.


The Fifth Element - Zorg's Army




Luc Besson's brilliantly-colored kaleidoscopic cityscapes outline this fantastic futuristic fable about the savior of the universe and an army of aliens hunting her. Elaborate Gaultier-designed costumes and bizarre future trends are just the tip of the weirdo iceberg here, but the vision is so committed and convincing that one can't help but gravitate to the story.


Surviving The Game - The Hunting Party




In this updated version of the Richard Connell short story The Most Dangerous Game, rapper-actor Ice-T plays Mason, a homeless man accepts a one-off job in desperation and is flown to a hut in the Rockies with a hunting party only to find that he's the prey. Even worse, the hunting party is led by two CIA agents, Burns (Rutger Hauer) and Hawkins (Gary Busey), and includes a thrill-hungry business exec, Wolfe, Sr. (F. Murray Abraham) his son (William McNamara), and a strange Texan, Griffin (John C. McGinley). The hunters give Mason a head start before pursuing with high-tech gear and vehicles. Mason must rely on his wits to turn the tables on the hunting party, before he becomes another of their human trophies.


Blade Runner - The Rep Detect Division



Harrison Ford stars in this wildly popular futuristic film-noir detective story about a private eye on the hunt for a group of android "replicants" in Los Angeles of 2019. If you think hunting robot clones is an easy task, you haven't seen Blade Runner. The future City of Angels is a nightmarishly gloomy, dystopian metropolis filled with hover cars, gaudy floating billboards and lots and lots of rain. The film was a disaster at the box office, but rose to a classic cult status in the following years nonetheless. The androids include the beautiful, batty Sean Young and the devil's own private actor Rutger Hauer, who portrays Ford's final nemesis in the film. 


Terminator - The Armies of Skynet




Artificially intelligent robots with glowing eyes and thick Austrian accents wreak havoc in the pre-internet era with a time machine and a mission to wipe out mankind, but are thwarted by a former diner waitress who realizes her kid is the savior of all mankind. Does it matter that she knows this because some bug-eyed dude in a trenchcoat got her pregnant and told her so? No it does not. Fast forward to the future, after a nuclear holocaust has left the world a ball of Skynet-monitored wreckage with few human survivors and turned Christian Bale into a raging maniac when someone sets foot on his movie set. We're four films deep into this franchise, and things aren't looking any better for humanity.


Running Man - The Stalkers



Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Ben Richards, an ex-soldier wrongly imprisoned in 2019 for killing scores of innocent people at a food riot. He's given a choice: he can spend his life doing hard time, or be a competitor on "the most popular show in the whole, wide world" - The Running Man. Richards agrees to compete, and is subsequently thrown into a nightmarish game zone where he's hunted by Stalkers, an assortment of cartoonishly menacing adversaries Ben must survive to win the game. First there's Subzero, dressed as a hockey goalie, complete with a hockey stick-shaped sword. Then there's Buzzsaw, a motorbike rider with, well, a buzzsaw; Dynamo, an opera singer with an electric shock blaster and electric car, and Fireball, a jetpack-wearing, flamethrower-sporting mercenary. The "game" is anything but for Richards, who faces a near-impossible challenge of survival - as well as proving his innocence.