Breaking News: Pete Carroll to Seattle?

USC coach reportedly being courted by the NFL.

Dante Maddoxby Dante Maddox

Breaking News: Pete Carroll to Seattle?

According to ESPN the Seattle Seahawks have fired their head coach Jim Mora after only one season at the job. The teams GM was fired midseason, which put Mora’s job in some jeopardy but know one knew what was going to happen one way or the other. Mora has been ousted and a few coaches have been contacted to replace him. Again, according to ESPN one of the coaches the team is interested in is USC’s Pete Carroll.

This is bad news for So. Cal. fans because apparently Carroll has expressed a mutual interest in returning to the NFL. There are no details concerning whether or not he’ll take the job, just a warning that change might be coming. If you look at it, it might be the perfect time for Pete Carroll to move on with USC coming under scrutiny in its basketball program there is fear that the back lash might affect the football program as well.

USC had a down year last season, and with a sophomore quarterback, and questions surrounding the defense; don’t be surprised if USC has a different head coach next season.