Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side

Empire Strikes Back plus Family Guy equals amazing.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side

Certain things go hand in hand; chocolate and peanut butter, for instance, or weed and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". But leave it to "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane to create a utopian merging of his own show with the holy grail of Star Wars films.


Serving as the sequel to last year's Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side finds the "Family Guy" cast replacing the lead characters in The Empire Strikes Back in the most perfect of ways: Lois as Leia, Peter as Han Solo, Stewie as Darth Vader and Chris as Luke. And yes, that's exactly as funny as you'd imagine it.

Parody's not quite the word for this gem, since it's more a flavored retelling than a send-up, but the plot is the same, beginning on Hoth with Luke getting a message from his dead mentor Obi Wan to travel to Dagobah and train as a Jedi under Yoda. Meanwhile Han, Leia and friends head to Cloud City to see Lando, who happens to be Mort Goldman in blackface. True to story, they're ambushed by a very gay Vader, his flamboyant minions and Boba Fett - except he's a giant chicken. 

The production is completely licensed by Lucasfilm, meaning Something Something Something Dark Side includes the original sound effects and score, giving the film an awesomely authentic feel. This couldn't have been executed with such potency of flavor if Seth MacFarlane weren't a massive Star Wars fan. There are several immensely-detailed shot-for-shot recreations of Empire's classic scenes (including the classic opening from the film), and damned if it doesn't demand a run through the original film afterward, just for icing. 


A truly deranged spin on the Star Wars universe, Something Something Something Dark Side is full of pitch-perfect jokes - including Meg, complaining about once again getting a tiny role, being relegated to voicing the giant worm the Millennium Falcon flies out of - that walk the line of dual influence, while throwing in a few NSFTV moments to spice things up. The ending alone is worth the price of admission, with a roar-inducing take on Back To The Future II.


In short, the film is freakin' hilarious and tells the Empire story in less than half the time of the original. MacFarlane pays homage better than most, and this is one special fans won't want to miss. Buy it on Blu-ray and DVD on Dec. 22!