DC Unveils Next Event: War of the Supermen

Superman is front and center in 2010.

Joey Espositoby Joey Esposito

DC Unveils Next Event: War of the Supermen

The wheels of the DCU keep on turning as after their exciting announcement of Earth One original graphic novels yesterday, they have another big announcement for fans today: War of the Supermen.

Spinning out of all the Super-madness that we've been seeing in the Super-books for well over a year now, New Krypton and Earth are at odds with one another, and Superman is caught in the middle, Earth being his adopted home world and New Krypton being his heritage. DC has been teasing 2010 as having a huge magnifying glass over the Man of Steel, and War of the Supermen has made those teases come to fruition.

War of the Supermen #0

DC was noticeably shifty in their wording of the announcement, not saying who is writing and drawing the series, but only saying that the team of Blackest Night: Superman, writer James Robinson and artist Eddy Barrows (along with a cover by JG Jones), will be tackling the debut issue #0.  With Robinson having such a huge role in the Superman world for the last year and a half, I think it's quite safe to say he'll be tackling this event as well. 

Much like they did with Blackest Night, War of the Supermen will kick off on Free Comic Book Day (May 1) with issue #0. 

"War of the Supermen is the culmination of literally years of stories in the Super-books, all building to a destructive conflict which can have no victors. This Free Comic Book Day #0 issue is going to show the readers that no cows are sacred, and that they don’t want to miss this event." said Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson.

When asked about tie-in series by Techland, Idelson said "Right now, we're taking the concentrated approach, limiting the war to the main mini-series and logical titles (i.e. Superman, Supergirl, etc.), but much like Blackest Night, it's very possible the story will expand to touch upon other titles." Idelson also teases that we'll "definitely be seeing a lot more characters with an 'S' on their chests, but not the characters you might be thinking of."

I think it can be safely assumed that DC will be taking the streamlined approach to this event, just like they have with Sinestro Corps War, Final Crisis, and most currently, Blackest Night.