Borderlands Easter Eggs Revealed

Are there more yet to be discovered?

Jeremy Azevedoby Jeremy Azevedo

Borderlands Easter Eggs Revealed

By Jeremy Azevedo
After spending the last few weeks playing the hell out of Borderlands, I thought that I’d seen everything the game had to offer. Turns out, I was wrong.

I was playing Borderlands (click here for more Borderlands cheats)online the other day when two dudes popped into my game and dragged my ass off to Treacher’s Landing to “check out something awesome”.  This probably doesn’t mean anything to those of you that haven’t played the game yet, but those of you that have should tune in for this.

In the southeastern tip of the level, there is a secret dock with a party boat on it. Jumping on the boat gives you an achievement, “I’m On A Boat”. This is common knowledge. What isn’t generally known, at least it wasn’t to me, is that shooting the nearby barrels in a particular order unlocks an Easter egg that may be one of the weirdest that I have even seen in a video game.

Pic is totally unrelated.

Here’s how to do it:

Facing the boat, turn around and face the opposite direction. Shoot the yellow barrel in the distance ahead of you. Next, look for a green barrel in the trash heap off to your right. Shoot that one next. Third, shoot either of the two blue barrels on the boat. Lastly, shoot the red barrel in the trash heap to the front of the boat. Enjoy the show.

I don’t know what the meaning or significance of this is, but it’s certainly worth checking out nevertheless, that’s for goddamn sure.

But wait there’s more!

Another Easter egg that I’ve been made aware of is the Hidden Basement in New Haven. During the mission “Another Piece of the Puzzle”, where you’re supposed to go to the Trash Coast and kill the Rakk Hive, is the only time that this is open. The basement is located behind a door in a shack out back of Helena Pierce’s shop. Inside you are sure to find a few enemies, a couple of weapons chest, a leg lamp and a pretty bitchen’, unique rare gun called the “Rider” (both references to “A Christmas Story”, no doubt.)

Other cool things to do and see in Borderlands:

Did you know that you can stand in front of a moving vehicle and travel at high speeds without being ran over? Use this technique to move quickly through larger levels in a multiplayer game when one of your vehicles gets wasted!

On occasion, a secret vending machine will open up in a garage across from Marcus’ shop. It appears to be totally random when and why it opens, but it always seems to have better gear than any of the shops in town.

Feel like saving some ammo? Lead a horde of wild enemies into a raider camp and watch them kick the shit out of each other!

Did you know there are three arenas for multiplayer? There's one in Arid Badlands, one in Rust Commons West, and one in The Salt Flats. You can get your ass torn up in all three of them! It'll be just like that time in high school where your parents had to keep moving, and you went to three different schools in one year!

Protip: Sucks to be that dude.

In a dual, the Soldier and Berzerker classes are totally f**ked. Don’t even try it. Moerdecai’s bird, when fully powered up, trumps everything but is ridiculously cheap. His shield pass-through skill is also significantly helpful. All this doesn’t mean dick against the Siren class, however, when she turns invisible, walks right up to you and knocks your ass out.

It' not a great idea to dress your guy entirely in pink. It may look great, but it makes you an easier target in the arena.

Did you know that there is a second playthrough after you beat the game? You did? But did you also know that there is a third? You can bet that the weapons you find on the second and third playthrough make the ones from the first look like Nerf weapons.

Have to pee while playing multiplayer? Just pee in your empty Mountain Dew can, you nerd!

There are ten Claptraps to rescue in Borderlands. They appear in the following locations: Sledge’s Safe House, The Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetanus Warren, Crazy earl’s Scrapyard, Krom’s Canyon, Trash Coast, Old Haven, The Salt Flats and Crimson Fastness.

Got any more secrets or tricks that we don’t know about? Bullshit! But leave a comment on our Facebook Fan Page if you do, so everyone can try it out!