Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition Arrives On Blu-Ray

Get your Fight on!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition Arrives On Blu-Ray

A special release of Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition is out on Blu-ray Disc from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club, so you'll have to come up with a cover purchase for the $34.99 the set will set you back, because this edition seems to be worth a look. The 10th Anniversary Edition includes new bonus materials and a cool little slipcase to show all your friends - before you beat the hell out of each other.

Based on the book by twistedly-awesome novelist Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club was directed by Golden Globe-nominee David Fincher (Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and stars Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, whose characters bond over a mutual disgust for corporate imperialistic hypocrisy and find a version of enlightenment in a new form of therapy: Fight Club.

The two-disc Blu-Ray release is packed with special features, including new material.

Special features include:

- New A Hit In The Ear: Ren Klyce and the Sound Design of Fight Club
- New Flogging Fight Club
- New Insomniac Mode: I Am Jack's Search Index, Commentary Log, Topic Search
- Behind the Scenes Vignettes: Production, Visual Effects, On Location
- Edward Norton Interview
- Commentary by David Fincher
- Commentary by David Fincher, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter
- Commentary by Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls
- Commentary by Alex McDowell, Jeff Cronenweth, Michael Kaplan and Kevin Haug
- Seven Deleted Scenes and Alternate Scenes
- Trailer Farm – Theatrical Teaser, Theatrical Trailer, The Eight Rules of Fight Club
- 12 TV Spots
- Public Service Announcements
- Music Video
- Five Internet Spots
- Promotional Gallery
- Art Gallery