Able Planet NC200 foldable headphones

A look at some uber portable noise canceling headphones.

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Able Planet NC200 foldable headphones

If you commute via train or metro, travel frequently or are just looking to tune out the world, Able Planet may have just the headphones for you. The Clear Harmony NC200 noise cancelling headphones have good sound quality, are lightweight, fold up for those on the go and won’t break your wallet either.

The NC200 headphones have a couple of nice features including an in-line volume control, which also has a clip that you can use to attach to your clothing. Volume controls like this are great for plane rides when your media player is in your pocket or elsewhere. The headphones also come with a home stereo adaptor, which is good for switching from a portable device to a home audio system.

The fact that the headphones can collapse in to a more compact form is pretty nice. Once collapsed, you can stow them in the carrying pouch that comes with the headphones.

I tested out the noise cancelling features at home and work and the results were good. At home I turned on my stereo, cranked it up and then plugged the NC200 headphones in to my Zune player and guess what, I could barely hear the stereo. Second test involved pitting my headphones versus my TV with the surround system on and again the headphones were able to significantly cancel the sound. The final test was at work where I plugged the headphones in to my work computer and presto, my often loud office was filed with sounds from iTunes instead of the voices from other staffers.

The sound quality of the headphones is pretty good. They tend to do well with the low end as well as the high notes. The Able Planet headphones use LINX Audio technology to provide clarity and it delivers. I played a variety of music from Hip-Hop to Jazz, Rock and Electronica and the sound was fairly consistent.

All in all I was most impressed with the noise cancelling feature of the headphones, it was beyond impressive. The headphones were lightweight but felt sturdy and the extra audio jack saved me a trip to Radio Shack. The Able Planet Foldable Active Noise Canceling Headphones retail for $99.99, which is a fair price for what you are getting.

For more info head over to the Able Planet site: Able Planet