Tim Schafer Talks Brutal Legend on Late Night

Satan's messenger pays a visit to Jimmy Fallon

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Tim Schafer Talks Brutal Legend on Late Night

There are very few video game creators that get their individual name posted on the front of their game's box art. Tim Schafer is one of those people. That's why he was invited to appear on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Fallon being a huge gaming geek) to discuss his upcoming heavy metal inspired game, Brutal Legend.

During the five minute interview Fallon and Schafer go over Schafer's elite status among the video game industry, the inspiration for Brutal Legend, stretching back to the days of yore when a little metal-head Tim Schafer roamed the Earth, as well as Fallon's long overdue lunch-in with Satan.

It's just good to see large video game releases treated with the same respect blockbuster films obtain. There's no good reason why gaming can't be considered just as glamorous a form of entertainment as film, considering there are probably more quality video games than movies per year. Not all gamers are overweight, pimped faced man-children still living in their parent's basement (notice how I said "not all").

So big thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Tim Schafer for helping nudge video games into their much deserved limelight. Plus, Tim Schafer and his company Double Fine deserve all the exposure they can get, as their awesome work always goes vastly underappreciated. And rent is high in Hell.