Brutal Legend Preview

Why this game will melt your face

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Brutal Legend Preview

Rocktober 1 is fast approaching which means one epic thing; Brutal Legend is about to blow out the ear drums of the gaming masses. Recently we got a chance to check out the game and since it exceeded our expectations, which were already sky-high, we've decided to compile the three main reasons why you should be just as excited as we are for the full game's release.

The Style

Tim Schafer and his company Double Fine are gods when it comes to making their titles feel unique, and Brutal Legend is no different. During this past year's E3, Schafer said the way his team at Double Fine approached the art design for Brutal Legend was to see if every piece would fit on a 1980's metal album cover. If it would, it made it into the game. And having played the game that statement rings true. You'll encounter legions of cloaked demons, vagina tentacle monsters, and travel along roads paved in skull and bone. What's even better is that while all of these items should be terrifying, through Schafer's lense they are hilarious. Perfectly balancing the fine line of homage and mockery.

The Humor

Comedy is a hard thing to pull off in a video game, that's why you don't see it all too often. But when it comes to Tim Schafer, he stares down the challenge and banshee screams it into oblivion. The man is simply a master of comedic timing. We were on the floor within the first fives minutes after seeing a gag about the current state of so-called "Heavy Metal" music. Then there is Jack Black, adding a fantastic second layer to this glorious comedy taco. Say what you will about Black, but there is no denying that as Eddie Riggs in Brutal Legend he is able to do what he does best: ham it up and steal the show.  In all honesty, this entire article could be truncated down to one reason to play Brutal Legend and the game's humor would be it. You must play this game just to see how comedy is done right in interactive form.

The Music

It wasn't that long ago that we revealed the epic tracklisting for Brutal Legend. And having played the game it's apparent Double Fine knows when to use certain songs to the advantage of a specific moment. Make no mistake, Brutal Legend is a game with metal heads in mind. However, while fans of Heavy Metal will get more out of some of the jokes and references, Schafer and company weren't dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot and segregate their audience by only catering to a select group of fans. But if you're willing to give it a chance, the music in Brutal Legend will at least get your blood pumping.

If these three short reasons weren't enough to convince you to pick up Brutal Legend when it launches in October, then maybe this last one will; it's originality. With a holiday season stacked with sequels, Brutal Legend stands out amongst the crowd as something fresh and different.

Look for more coverage, including a review, of Brutal Legend from CraveOnline in the coming weeks as we get closer to its Rocktober 13 release date.