Burning Man 2009

Crave reporter loses everything at Burning Man.

Dave Kesterby Dave Kester

Burning Man 2009

Now I purposefully attended Burning Man to write this article, and throw together some footage of the madness, but no way was my Burning Man virgin ass ready for what was in store for me in Black Rock City.  On the first night, we set up camp and put on our Sunday best to go exploring in the abyss of debauchery before us.  Here's a video montage of the wild and colorful fiasco.

Every 10 feet was a new party, and sometimes each party overlapped one another creating giant pools of a single joined homosapien dance machine.  Almost immediately I met a cute girl at the first camp I stopped at, "Revofuckinglution," we put back several vodka's and danced to the music for a bit, until a desert octagon cruiser strolled by with people yelling at us to jump on.  There were dozens of moving art car party vessels roaming around picking up only the sexiest outrageous people for the next wild trip.  More free vodka's were passed around the party bus, more free vodka's were passed all night actually, they might as well have been pouring them on my face, I was bathing in vodka.  It seemed to be the drink of choice amongst the city all week.  Long story short I had a wild first night.

I brought with me that night,

1 pair of vintage Russian aviator goggles, 1 WW2 food satchel, 1 pedego electric bike that was borrowed

I woke up the next morning on a couch in some random camp with nothing but my boxer briefs.  I lost everything somehow.  The last thing I remember is tossing my electric bike on a bike rack attached to a pirate ship the night before.  And I vaguely remember the dancing, drinking, making out and convincing this girl below to get spanked by the “Spank-o-matic”!

The next 7 days were explicit to say the least so I'm not going to bore you with the details.  Just remember you don't have to bring a dime with you to the Burning Man, just your good spirits and maybe something to trade. I'll be going back if I can help it.  Burning man is the most mind blowing and enlightening party your face off that feels so right!  A city built for people to work and live together in a continuous harmonious fiesta under the moon and the sun for 8 days.  It’s brilliantly dusty.

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