An AIM Convo Between Aquaman and Green Lantern

Has Green Lantern gone all "Hollywood"?

Jeremy Azevedo by Jeremy Azevedo

An AIM Convo Between Aquaman and Green Lantern

While fishing for mudsharks out on the Jersey shore, our freelance reporter Pete Pelmo discovered a Blackberry phone nestled in the sand next to an empty Zima bottle, a well-worn copy of "Fish Humper Monthly" and an expired JLA membership card. Obviously, we surmised that the phone could belong to none other than everyone's second favorite (after Namor, of course) undersea superhero, Aquaman!

Our scientists (ok, the janitor and myself) have been hard at work unlocking the mysteries of just how in the hell Aquaman gets service on a phone that isn't even waterproof in the first place. In doing so, we uncovered a very interesting AIM conversation between Aquaman and Green Lantern on there, which we have faithfully presented for you here in it's entirety!

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