When Ninjas Attack!!!

Ninjas: Conflict resolution specialists?

Jeremy Azevedoby Jeremy Azevedo

When Ninjas Attack!!!

Have a problem with your friend, your girlfriend or your boss? Need help resolving a personal conflict but tired of "healthy," "rational," or "mature" resolution tactics? Then call WHEN NINJAS ATTACK: Conflict Resolution Specialists! WHEN NINJAS ATTACK pits friend against friend, boss against employee or boyfriend against girlfriend in an ultimate ninja battle! Under the tutelage of a wise sensei, our “contestants” will train for battle. Then, using the ancient techniques they’ve learned, both sides will attempt to out-ninja each other. Last one standing wins. It may not be the smartest way to settle a disagreement, but who the hell  cares…as long as someone gets hurt!!!!

Episode 1: When Sal steals Bert’s girl (again), Bert calls on “When Ninjas Attack: Conflict Resolution Specialists” to resolve their quarrel.

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