Playboy Cybergirl Jessica Hall Exclusive Video

Check out Jessica and her friends in a lingerie fashion show we shot for Gibson!

Jeremy Azevedoby Jeremy Azevedo

Playboy Cybergirl Jessica Hall Exclusive Video

You may or may not be familiar with Jessica Hall, Playboy Cybergirl and co-host of “The Morning After” on Playboy Radio on Sirius and XM 99 Monday mornings at 10am pst. For those of you who are not familiar with her work, she looks something like this:

And maybe a little like this:

Not that it particularly matters who she is or what she does, because the takeaway here is that she's hot. And also that we shot a lingerie fashion show with her and her friends awhile back for Gibson, which we've posted below. So if you're at all interested in seeing the above Playmate prancing around in booty shorts and heels, I suggest you make sure your blinds are closed and direct your attention to the following video:

Guess what else? Enter HERE for a chance to win a personalized outgoing phone message, recorderd by Playboy Radio's "Morning After" hosts Jessica Hall and Brandie Moses! While it's unlikely that anyone will believe that you actually know them (except maybe your mom), it's still worth a shot, amirite?