Bradley Cooper deals with a Hangover

Cooper talks Hangover and dispels Green Lantern rumors.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Bradley Cooper deals with a Hangover

Bradley Cooper won’t talk about The Green Lantern. He may just be denying it or it may really be all rumors, but we tried. He is the lead in The Hangover though, the ringleader of a bachelor party gone wrong. After playing comedy villains, the era of the Bradley Cooper headliner may finally be here. 

Crave Online: Well, they’re already talking about a sequel to The Hangover. What kinds of things would you like to see happen that you didn't get to do on this film?  

Bradley Cooper: I think there's endless possibility actually on what you can do. It's a great hook. The movie has a great hook. So you can take it anywhere.  

Crave Online: Would they finally explain the chicken?  

Bradley Cooper: Yeah. The big red herring in the movie. And the smoking chair. I'm more interested in that smoking chair.  

Crave Online: Was there really a tiger around and was it drugged?

Bradley Cooper: No. That tiger was not drugged. It was very much around. It was very much around and it was terrifying. Katie her name was, a terrifying tiger.  

Crave Online: Did you decide that what you taught as the teacher in the movie?  

Bradley Cooper: I taught English. There was the first half of a scene where he was talking about Of Mice and Men but I don't think that's in there, but yeah, he's an English teacher. So that was in the script.  

Crave Online: Are you worried about being typecast as this alpha male in comedies?  

Bradley Cooper: I don't think so. He's Just Not That Into You was a comedy, but my stuff was not comedic at all. It was actually kind of dramatic. And I do plays a lot. I did a play last summer. So I don't know, so far no. But I know what you're saying. It seems like certainly that the comedies are the things that have gotten out there that I've done. But I see it as, shit man, if I'm able to work and work on good projects with great people. Things could be worse.

Crave Online: What did you do to create that bond between you and Zach?

Bradley Cooper: Zach and I drove to Vegas together, we were there for a month and a half. I was like, why don't we drive, because we both lived in Venice in California. And I have to say, on that drive was kinda cool. Just living in this casino for a month and a half shooting this movie to working 16 hour days, it sort of happened organically. And then we became really great friends. And Ed and I went to Zach's farm for New Years. We just got lucky. And it doesn't always happen like that.

Crave Online: Did you ever think the humor might go too far like the 9/11 jokes?
Bradley Cooper: And the Holocaust. “I didn't know they gave rings out.” I have to say, that was all Zach, he made up all that stuff. We were in the car and he was like, “Thanks a lot, Bin Laden.” And when he made the joke about the Holocaust. I think it all depends where it's coming from. Wanda Sykes got a lot of heat for making that 9/11 joke at the White House dinner, because that was said with some sort of cynicism or attacking Rush Limbaugh. Alan is a child. You're hearing it from a guy who is comparing it to masturbating on an airplane. So it's so ridiculous and you're seeing this guy with a beard, who's plump, and who's completely harmless. So he could get away with that. If Phil said that, my character, I don't think it would have been as innocent. But he could really get away with anything. And he did. He jerks off the baby, he says the Holocaust, he says the 9/11, and he gets blown by the woman in the elevator. You know, somebody's grandmother. Those things came out of us joking around, or Zach particularly. We were sitting there at breakfast and there was a baby doll there, you know, before you shoot as a stand in. And Zach was like, “Hey Todd, hey man, jerking the baby off.” Like as a joke, never thinking ever that it would be in the movie. So Todd's like, “Oh man, let's do that. Yeah, let's go ask the mother if we could do that.” And Zach's like, "No absolutely not.” So Todd waited for the mother to go away, and then asked the father. And then it's in the movie. The blow job was Todd's idea too. And that woman was an ex-porn star back in the sixties. So Zach was very nervous. And she's like, “Oh honey, don't worry." 

Crave Online: What about that scene with Mr. Chow?

Bradley Cooper: Particularly in that scene, I had to have that guy’s balls and penis on my neck. So I wanted to get through the scene. But more than that, it was a hot day too, in the desert. I got neck herpes and he jumps out of the trunk on me, we must have done that forty times. I was sore the next day, because you have a one hundred sixty pound guy jumping on you, thirty times in a row. I thought I was going to kill my back. And my hand kept, for some reason, went right in between his butt cheeks every time. I was trying to not have that happen. But the way he jumps, I was like, oh, Jesus Christ.



Crave Online:
What about working with Mike Tyson?

Bradley Cooper: He was awesome. I was intimidated at the prospect, because when I grew up, he was it. But he wound up being fantastic. It's hard to go into a comedy where everybody's been there for three and a half months, and you're there for three days and be able to weave yourself right in. And he was able to do it. He was totally willing and giving.

Crave Online: What's up next for you?

Bradley Cooper: Nothing, just promoting this movie. I am doing like two days on this movie called Valentine’s Day. Just like a very small role with Julia Roberts, who I did a play with a couple of years ago. So that will be cool.

Crave Online: What about All About Steve?

Bradley Cooper: That's a crazy sort of comedy you haven't really seen Sandra Bullock in. She plays an out there character, whereas in The Proposal it's much more who you know her to be.

Crave Online: Is this movie a guide to what not to do on a bachelor party?  

Bradley Cooper: It depends on what night you’re looking for. I would definitely challenge anybody to rival the night that these guys had, even in your imagination. When I read the script I thought, “You can’t top this! You really can’t. It’s pretty incredible.” Todd Phillips wrote a great script.  

Crave Online: When you got the script, what jumped out at you?  

Bradley Cooper: When this script was being banged around, I really like the character and I liked the opportunity to play this kind of guy. He’s an alpha male. It wasn’t so much the character but I liked the synergy between all four guys. I liked that each one was so specific and, just together, if you cast it correctly, I thought it could really have a lot of energy. And the story moves so fast. It is no joke. I mean, this movie starts and you’re like on a jet plane until it ends. It’s rare that you have a comedy that has that kind of engine. Each scene propels to the next one. More like Starksy & Hutch than Old School. There’s was a mystery to it and even though it was a comedy it’s not all about the comedy. There’s an engine and we’ve got to get our guy back to the wedding or else we fail. So that engine really drives it. It just read so fast.  

Crave Online: And it was cast just right, right?  

Bradley Cooper: Ed and Zach are hilarious. I’m very lucky to have this job. I was always a fan of Zach. I’ve known him for about six years. I remember seeing him in stand-up years ago and I thought he was the best back then but I didn’t know how good an actor he is. He’s actually a phenomenal actor. And Ed, who I didn’t know before this, he’s a killer, he just kills it. So I’m just trying to keep my head above water and run with these guys. I’m running with a fast pack in this movie and I’m just trying to keep up.  

Crave Online: Was Wedding Crashers the turning point in your career?  

Bradley Cooper: It definitely opened up a lot of opportunities. David Dobkin was very kind to me and really let me go off and create this crazy character to be the opposite of those two guys. In that sense it definitely allowed other people to see what I could do.   Crave Online: How much is Phil like Zak Loge?  

Bradley Cooper: Well, he‘s not evil like Zak! They’re both aggressive males but they’re very different.  

Crave Online: Is doing theater at Willamstown going to spoil the momentum of your movie career?  

Bradley Cooper: I know. I actually like to act a lot. Wait a second, what? There's something wrong with that guy. True West is an amazing play by Sam Shepard. Rob Corddry unfortunately fell out and they asked if I could do it and I love Nate [Corddry], his younger brother. So I see that as a massive opportunity. It's a huge role. Williamstown is a great place. I did it last summer. I did a Theresa Rebeck play there called 'The Understudy. It's a great venue and so I see that as a huge opportunity.  

Crave Online: When do you go to Williamstown then?  

Bradley Cooper: You know the truth is that something happened in my family and I'm not going to be able to do it, unfortunately.