Rebecca Mader on Lost season five.

Mader talks about her favorite costars and her worldly commute.

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Rebecca Mader on Lost season five.

By now, Rebecca Mader must be at least halfway through the fifth season of Lost. When we caught her last summer, she was just on break. With no knowledge of future scripts, she was deemed it safe for interview purposes, plausible deniability and all.
Crave Online: Is there anyone in the cast you're looking forward to working with?

Rebecca Mader: I was really excited to meet Terry O'Quinn. He's definitely my favorite character, as an audience member, before I joined the show. I find Terry O'Quinn and I find his character so captivating. I think just physically and I'm really interested in the mythology of Lost and I love the fact that his character has such an affinity to the island and the mythology of it. And he really, really cares about the island. He really believes in it. That to me is just so interesting. He definitely has that more so than any other character.

Crave Online: Are there characters Charlotte doesn't get to work with as much that you wish she could?

Rebecca Mader: You know, I thought about that. I feel like I think I've worked with every single actor on the show. The only person I haven't worked with that I'm interested to work with is that really handsome guy that plays Richard Alpert, because he was the only other character that was born on the island. So I want to see if there's any relationship between the two of them. And he's really handsome.

Crave Online: How did knowing the end date affect you taking the job?

Rebecca Mader: Oh, I think it's great. As an actor, when you sign on to do a pilot, you're basically signing away potentially six years of your life. So I signed on to Lost knowing that it can't last that long. Hit TV show for a bit, all right. It'd be rude not to, really.

Crave Online: How nice is it to get to use your real voice?

Rebecca Mader: Ah, I nearly fell to the ground and kissed it. I was so happy when I found out I got to be English. I always have to play American so when they said, "We like you English," I was like, "Me too! It's brilliant."

Crave Online: So it wasn't even a debate.

Rebecca Mader: Well, the character was supposed to be American but then once I met Damon and Carlton, I did it both ways for them. Then they said, "We like you better English" so it was cool.

Crave Online: How do you handle the secrecy of the show?

Rebecca Mader: That's hard. I love to gossip and talk to my mates. When I read the season finale, it was so hard to not share it with anyone. I actually read the season finale in Hawaii with my agent sitting next to me. I was reading it going, "Woo! What?" He was like, "Shut up." Because he watches the show. He was like, "Don't tell me anything." I'm like, "Aww." Bastard, I couldn't tell anybody anything. It was so frustrating and I read that I was born on the island and I couldn't tell anyone.

Crave Online: Will we see your flashback?

Rebecca Mader: I hope so. I hope so. I hope so.

Crave Online: What's your favorite weirdness on Lost that's come up?

Rebecca Mader: I like Smoky. Smoky the monster, I like him. I want to know what Smoky does. I want to have a scene with Smoky. I want him to chase me around and scream in the rain. I want to be chased by him for some sick reason, I don't know why.

Crave Online: How do you like the outfit on the show, the sort of kick ass survival chick?

Rebecca Mader: I love it. I helped pick it. The costume designer on the show is wicked. I'm just happy to be in jeans and boots and not be in heels and all dressed up because this is annoying after a while. And I don't wear makeup in real life and I wear comfy clothes and that's totally what you get to do on Lost. We don't really wear any makeup so it's nice.

Crave Online: Most women don't usually get to play characters who dress comfortably.

Rebecca Mader: No, not at all. I mean, I'll probably cursed with my next job. I'll be in high heels for like two years and I'll be remembering Lost with wanderlust. "Oh, remember the days when I got to roll around in the mud?" No, it's definitely really nice.

Crave Online: Have you seen the show in HD?

Rebecca Mader: Oh yeah.

Crave Online: You look fantastic. We can see every freckle.

Rebecca Mader: I was so scared. HD is so unforgiving. It really is. I had a couple of facials and just got on my knees and prayed that I'd be all right. I've got a big plasma in HD and I was just like agghh. It's a bit scary to see your face that big, I've got to say.

Crave Online: What would you like to be asked that nobody's asked yet?

Rebecca Mader: That's a really good question. You know what's funny is when I watch things online, I've seen things on YouTube, Charlotte always looks really snotty. Do you know what I mean? I look at my character, she always looks a bit sort of snotty and her nostrils are flapping and I want to know why she looks like that because I really don't know why. What happened to Charlotte to make her a little bit bitter, party of one.

Crave Online: Do you have to stay in a certain level of physical shape for the role?

Rebecca Mader: [Flexes] Well, I got a license for my guns a couple of years ago. In the audition, when Damon and Carlton said to me this character is like a female version of Indiana Jones, it's quite a physical character. So I busted out my arms. I was like, "When I leave, should I go that way?" [Pointing with flexed arm] And they're like, "You're crazy."

Crave Online: What is your workout?

Rebecca Mader: It's not a lot. I'm just naturally quite toned. My dad was like a body builder so I've got my dad's body. Not all of it, thank God.

Crave Online: How many episodes will you be in this year?

Rebecca Mader: No idea. We're on hiatus at the moment. We're on summer break at the moment.

Crave Online: Are you bicontinenntal between England and Hawaii?

Rebecca Mader: I'm quadracontinental. I've got a life in London, New York, L.A. and Hawaii. I feel a bit spread out at the moment.

Crave Online: How much time do you spend in the air?

Rebecca Mader: A lot. A lot of frequent flier miles with American and United.

Crave Online: What keeps you in each place?

Rebecca Mader: A boy in each one. [Laughs] Good times.

Crave Online: After you shoot, are you amazed when you see the finished product?

Rebecca Mader: Yeah, I am. It's always so much better than you thought. I think because when you're there, you're in it but then when you sit back and just the production value of the show is so high, you sit back and then they've added the music and the editing is so good, you're like oh my God. And I have to watch each episode twice because the first time like ew, it's me. Then the second time I try and watch it and try and be an audience to get into the show. The second time is better. I'm like all right, cool. I'm really critical of myself so it's hard.

Crave Online: Did you have any deleted scenes on the Season Four DVD?

Rebecca Mader: Yeah. Nothing of any amazing storyline value. I can't remember. There's been a couple of little bits and bobs. My Korean scene was cut which I was gutted by. I love that Korean scene.

Crave Online: Did you learn it phoenetically?

Rebecca Mader: No, I don't know why. I loved it. I want more Korean. It was really funny, when I saw Daniel Dae Kim after I got the script, I saw him for the first time, he's like, "Ha, you have to do it too." Because he's always the one that has to do it. He's like finally, someone else has to suffer like I do.

Crave Online: How did you spend your vacation?

Rebecca Mader: I went to London. I went to New York to do some press and then I went back to England for a few weeks and drank some beers and took some meetings and hung out with my mates. Now I'm back here and just getting ready to go back to Hawaii.