Final Five Street Fighter IV Characters Revealed!

...And we've got the pics to prove it

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Final Five Street Fighter IV Characters Revealed!

Of all the characters from the rich history of Street Fighter from which to draw, Capcom made the smart decision to include popular Super SF2 combatants Fei Long and Cammy in the upcoming console version of Street Fighter IV. Perhaps lesser known but still memorable are Rose, from the Alpha series and Gen, whose been around since the days of the original Street Fighter. Inexplicably, they also saw fit to include Dan, who really only exists as a "F**k You" to SNK for copying Capcom's character design in all of their fighting games. I would have preferred Dee Jay, but it is what it is. I suppose someone has to be the comic foil. Check out all the pics below:

Introducing: Dan

Introducing: Cammy

Introducing: Gen

Introducing: Fei Long

Introducing: Rose