New "Frisky Dingo" spin-off premieres

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By Jeremy Azevedo
Last night was the premiere, of “The Xtacles”, a new show on Cartoon Network’s popular late night Adult Swim program. Xtacles is a spin off of Frisky Dingo, from Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, creators of Sealab 2021.
At the end of Season 2 of Frisky Dingo, billionare playboy/superhero and leader of the Xtacles, Xander Crews (sort of a cross between Tony Stark and Tom Cruise at his gayest) vacates the planet for good (?) leaving his army of quite possibly retarded cybernetic super soldiers without a leader.

Enter President Stan, the megalomaniac President of the United States who seeks to manipulate the Xtacles to become his own private army… Which doesn’t prove to be too difficult because they’re often drunk by 11AM and spend most of their day sexually harassing their foxy holographic supercomputer, A.L.E.X.

Xtacles is voice acted by some awesome talent, including Marshall Bell, Rachel Harris and Michael Ian Black. The humor is very similar to that of Sealab 2021, very bizarre and generally centering on events that spiral completely out of control due to the overwhelming stupidity of the characters. For those that found Sealab a bit lacking after the real life death of Harry Goz (Captain Murphy), Xtacles serves as a second chance for the humor that made the original show so great.

Check out the premiere episode of the Xtacles on AdultSwim.com and be sure to catch new episodes at midnight, Sunday nights on the Cartoon Network.