Villains, “Heroes,” And Ratings

Heroes season three is due for a rebound.

craveonlineby craveonline


Let me just get this out of the way. Yes, "Heroes" is a derivation of "Watchmen," and "X-Men" and everything else and yes, it's not the most original show blah blah. If I hear another pseudo-intellectual try to break this series down, I'm collecting ears. Fact is that we've yet to have an adult series on television that took the concept of superheroes seriously and even the weak season two of "Heroes" is ten times better than all of the episodes of "Smallville" ever aired.

I still have faith in "Heroes," believe it or not. Yes, in spite of those obnoxious Dominican wonder twin knock offs, the miracle super human cure, the obnoxious Irish love interest, and Super Karate Shoe Horned Cousin, this apologist still has faith that "Heroes" can pull in some damn good episodes and regain its former glory. Hell Tim Kring admitted season two was a wash out, and even pointed out the flaws fans were complaining about. At least it's progress! When did Al Gough ever do that?

Come September 22nd after almost a year off the air and many questioning it would even come back, "Heroes" is giving everything away before restarting on NBC and will premiere with a two hour episode luring new audiences in while hoping to bring back old fans who haven’t given up hope. After the disastrous second season blamed on the writers strikes (fans bought it for a little while but went back to blaming the creators), "Heroes" will have to take on more than just villains. It will have to take on a whole breed of fans of the show who are now very skeptical and will be breaking down the series with a fine toothed comb.

As someone desperately craving a superhero show on television that's adult, I'm gunning for "Heroes" and betting that it can bounce back with the much needed twist on the formula, and the spoiler laden trailer for the show put me in great confidence.

We know Maya and Miguel will not be back (Good), we know Elle is coming back (Great), we know a series regular will die (I know who), and we know that yes, Nathan isn’t dead yet. Don’t hold me to those “facts,” I am going on “Entertainment Weekly” here. As well we know Monica, Micah’s sponge of a cousin will be back to face off against a villain in New Orleans, which fills me with dread, because we’re once again back in Season Two where characters returned only because of popularity and not importance to the story. Why Nathan? Why Monica?

One thing that does bother me about the series is that they’re always so much more intent on keeping the fan favorites instead of actually considering the series arc. Hell even Kristen Bell said that without the brothers the show is pointless, so there’s really no worry that any of the characters will actually die any time soon. Hell, even the character who finally dies I hear will re-emerge as a villain. What’s the point of rooting for characters if we know they won’t die?

If it seems like I’m not sparing a spoiler warning, then I’m the least of your troubles. They’re giving it all away, ladies and gentleman and I think they have enough momentum to keep some things in the dark for returning viewers.

What I think will save the series is the twist on focusing on the villains, a part of the super human gamut that chooses instead to commit pure evil. Sylar can’t be the only one, and I have a feeling come the end of the season we’ll be pairing up groups of them to compete for the top spot. There’s even been the allusion that they form a mob to take on the heroes of the series.

You have to admit that even in the face of potential cancellation in season two, “Heroes” has remained true to itself. At least give them that. And while “Smallville” has gone on for eight seasons by completely selling Superman down the river in favor product placements and teen melodrama, “Heroes” has somewhat retained its scruples and creative vision with a second half of the sophomore season that was quite good when all things were considered.

Kristen Bell was marvelous as the psychotic Elle, the sadistic daddy’s girl craving the love of a man who only viewed her as a co-worker and not a daughter. There was of course the disastrous super boy romance sub-plot that eventually evolved in to a dynamic bout of love in the face of evil, and of course who can forget Matt Parkman being potentially corrupted with evolving powers that went from mind reading to now granting him the ability to control people?

Yes, “Heroes” still has a lot to offer and I truly hope Season Three entitled “Villains” will be a return to the former glory that kept me viewing every week as if it was a large event that always left me drained from its brilliance at the end of each episode. “Villains” may just be the shot in the arm needed for this series, and I hope someone in the “Heroes” cast is corrupted. My vote goes for Matt. How gut wrenching would it be to have the all around nice and likable cop turn into a son of a bitch megalomaniac? He and Sylar would be unstoppable.

I followed “Heroes” from its beginning right until the mediocre ending, and I have the utmost confidence “Villains” will kick our ass from here to Krypton. We deserve a mature show for the comic book fans with kids and mortgages. It can’t all be for the youngsters, right?