New Suicide Girl pics

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New Suicide Girl pics

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Mantis Suicide

Age: 21

Location: North Carolina

Occupation: Body Piercer

Into: Piercing, surfing, camping/hiking, animal rights/veganism

Not Into: People who think being mean is a positive character trait

Top 5 Fav Bands:

The Verve

Circa Survive




Body Mods:

Two microdermals in sternum, two conch piercings, nostril, monroe, tattoos on feet, chest, arms, ears at 5/8ths

Coralee Suicide

Location: Illinois

Occupation: Interior Designer in training, currenting assistant to an interior designer

Into: Shows, sex, photography, music

Top 5 Fav Bands:

Nine Inch Nails 




Slightly Stoopid


Body Mods:

Four piercings in ears, left nipple at 12g, navel 16g, rook 16g, center tounge 10g, septum 14g, 8 stars on lower abdomin.