Katt Williams’ American Hustle

Katt Williams heads to DVD in this new comedy.

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Katt Williams' American Hustle

Before I begin I must first wipe the tears from my eyes; been laughing my ass completely off!! Katt Williams’ new movie ‘American Hustle’ left me with pains in my sides from all its hilarity. We start by saying good morning to Katt as he smoothes his flat-ironed hair and checks his pimpness in the mirror of his bathroom (of course there is some eye candy standing nearby) before he ventures out his front door; a German Sheppard in tow riding shot-gun in an old skool black Caddy on their way to early meeting.

‘American Hustle’ was surprising, having started off a bit slow, I wasn’t sure if the movie would pull through but rest assured it does. As Jeremy Piven, seated in the backseat of Katt’s Cadillac, gives the comedian advice on dealing with Hollywood movie executives you get a taste of what this flick is yet to become. A side splitting ride full of perverse humor, soul-brotha antics, comical mini-movie sketches (Katt in a remake of Zack Snyder’s 300 called ‘3’) and a glimpse at stand-up shows done by three of Katt’s funny buddies. BET’s Comicview comedians Red Grant, Luenell and Melanie Comarcho join him for the road trip to Chicago, along with the dog, where Katt Williams is to perform. I was literally bustin’ up listening to Red clown young women about their sexual playness, referring to it as football’s unnecessary roughness, he tells the fella’s to blow a whistle and throw in a flag calling this type of play a flagrant foul. Luenell throws a funny bone in the pot; doing a show at a convalescent home then tongue-kissing one of the elderly male residents when she closes; Melanie Comarcho takes a stab at erectile dysfunctional drugs and the fact that her stuff works even when she’s asleep.

Coming out to Rick Ross’ “Hustlin” and giving up various renditions of the song (one as a McDonald’s employee flippin’ burgers to the track) Katt Williams hits the stage in ‘American Hustle’ with all new and fresh material even checkin’ himself for his LAX gun mishap. Making us wait patiently he finally says that familiar catch phrase of his “this shit right here…..” you will want to see it all over again.