WWE Cyber Sunday

The fans get what the fans want.

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WWE Cyber Sunday

Yesterday the polls opened for voters everywhere. No, the election didn’t start early, this is a vote of a different type, one where voters actually get something of value. WWE Cyber Sunday was an incredible success last year as wrestling fans from all around got the chance to vote on the championship match of their dreams. The chance to pick and choose which of your favorite wrestlers enters the ring is one thing, but the WWE went a step further by also allowing voters to decide things like what props would be employed in the matches as well as what outfits the contestants wore while they did battle in the squared circle (I know, but if that didn’t make sense you’re on the wrong page, just click that green left arrow at the top of the page… I’ll wait.)

Last year 14.6 million online votes were cast and a great many memorable matches were produced thanks to this system like Shawn ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Michaels versus Triple (Hunter Hearst Hemsley) H for the Heavyweight Title in 2004. This year fans will decide a number of matches, like the WWE Championship battle that will take place between Randy Orton and one of three wrestlers, Shawn Michaels, Jeff hardy, or Mr. Kennedy. There will also be a ECW Championship match for voters to decide on featuring CM Punk vs. either Big Daddy V (or is it Big Daddy 5?), The Miz, or John Morrison.

Fans can cast their vote for those matches and others by going to (http://www.wwe.com/shows/cybersunday/vote/)