Family Guy on Xbox Live

Why watch for free when you can pay for it?

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Family Guy on Xbox Live

Xbox 360 users will have something new to get excited about next week: Microsoft has struck a deal with Fox to provide episodes from the first two seasons of Family Guy over their Xbox Live service, at a cost of $2 per episode. Now you can watch episodes of a TV show that’s on two different stations twice daily for free only now you have to pay for it!

The Simpsons more dick and fart jokes-tidy moral messages=Family Guy!

Family Guy is one of the most popular shows with the Xbox’s male, 18-34 target audience. Other seasons will probably become available soon afterward. It’s a great idea in theory, but I’m not really too sure that there is a single person within that demographic that hasn’t already purchased the show on DVD.

If Microsoft really wanted to be cutting edge, they might have done better by signing Cartoon Network and getting episodes of Frisky Dingo and Metalocalypse on there instead. For now, they’re playing it safe. Additionally, it’s a finger in the eye of iTunes, who has been trying unsuccessfully to secure the rights to Family Guy for some time now. And you can’t really fault them for that.