Countdown 36

The best issue of Countdown yet!

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Countdown 36

Finally, an issue of Countdown I can say that I enjoyed from cover to cover. Critics have not been kind to Countdown over the past few months (myself included) and sometimes for good reason (okay, every time for good reason), but it has all been worth it because I kept reading, and now some of the lamest characters to not be spoofed on cable television are starting to grow on me. Let’s not forget that there is no Holly Robinson in this issue which helped a lot. Let’s look at all the players involved in the Countdown to the final crisis.

Donna Troy and Co.

The universal greeting crapped out as soon as they ran out of energon.

Not a great deal of development here, but our adventurers are stuck in a situation that looks interesting. Even though the segment ends on a cliff hanger of sorts its okay because I only have to wait a week to see what happens next. The biggest surprise of this part of the story is how much I don’t mind Jason (whiny baby reader victim) Todd so much. Some people know that I have an issue with DC’s never ending litany of non-powered ‘super’ heroes, but Jason has been cool so far, and I’m honestly curious about making him Red Robin.

The Idiots

A crazed half naked green woman trying to kill us and Kirk's nowhere to be found.

Ah yes, the morons who helped kill the Bart Allen are still alive and well, handcuffed together and being used as punching bags, at least some things are right in the world. It looks like Poison Ivy is as dense as she is evil and was easily convinced to let the two handcuffed dipsh*t villains roam around free until someone better suited to kill them arrived.

Dark Mary Marvel

Wow, Mary Marvel is a real piece of work. She goes and seeks out Zatana for help, and as soon as she gets to her crib, that ***** starts wreckin’ sh*t. The dark magic brought on by Black Adam, plus the tampering of an outside force are really doing a number on Mary Marvel, her part is getting better and better though I’m still not sure how she relates to all this.

DC’s Biggest Jackass

Oh, burned by a 30 year old guy in his PJ's who cries himself to sleep.

Mr. Action huh? Sounds like Jimbo here took a job in the adult film industry to supplement his income, that might have been more interesting than giving him super powers (I guess the world will never know), but I have to give DC kudos for making a story that seemed to be going nowhere, and really make it worth reading. Plus, I just loved seeing Batman piss all on Olsen’s parade, that made the book worth way more than cover price. Jimmy is somehow wrapped up in the New God’s aspect of Countdown, something tells me we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer in order to get the goods on that.

Ralph Macch-oops!!!

One of the best moments in Countdown 36.

Karate Kid is like a little boy named Francis, with a name like that he’d better know how to fight. It hurts to see Karate in a book and keep a straight face (holy god he’s lame). But that doesn’t mean DC has failed in making him cooler than he was, it’s just that he was so uncool for so long. What the hell is his real name (Val? Oh… I guess Karate Kid it is then), there only so much you can do with a  character that screwed from the start. In the pages of Countdown however K.K. is awesome! Hopefully his death during Final Crisis will be really spectacular.

Deathstroke the Terminator

Deathstroke puts his limb hacking degree to use, thanks USC!

I guess when he was created, they decided that the name Deathstroke wasn’t menacing enough, what the name really needed was an equally scary title (the Terminator? Perfect!). Deathstroke is one of my favorite bad guys, mostly because the odds of him winning are literally through the roof! When this guy shows up, heroes call their loved ones to make sure they get the chance to say goodbye properly. Check out his bio in the last pages of Countdown.


In closing, Countdown still isn’t the blockbuster series I was hoping for, but it is still very entertaining, and is really showing a lot of promise. Who knows what things will be like in a few weeks or so, but that’s’ why we read right? Cross your fingers folks, hopefully next week we can keep talking about how good this book is.