The Beer Doctor: Mickey’s

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The Beer Doctor: Mickey's

If your tastes in beer run from Bud to Bud light, then you may want to broaden your horizons. To the casual or non beer drinker, the term "great beer" may seem to be an oxymoron. The Beer Doctor has encountered many great beers over the course of his studies (in Beerology) and he hopes to share his knowledge with you.

One of these great beers is Mickey's.

To answer your questions; The Beer Doctor is not senile and he did just call Mickey’s a great beer (even though it is a “Malt Liquor”). What exactly is a Malt Liquor? Despite its name it is still a beer (lager). The Malt Liquor designation is generally used for beers that have alcohol content higher than 5%. Malt Liquor got its start in the US just after the repeal of Prohibition in the form of three beers; Clix Malt Liquor, Sparkling Stite and Country Club. Sparkling Stite actually bills itself as America’s First Malt Liquor and was marketed as an “upscale product”; Country Club was also marketed in a similar fashion.

Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor is brewed by the Miller Brewing Company. The beer has a wide popularity that may be due to the fact that it is very easy to find, regardless of the neighborhood. Six packs of the 12oz “wide mouths” can be found in many grocery stores as well as traditional liquor stores. Mickey’s comes in many sizes including 12oz, 22oz, 24oz (can), 40oz and the unholy 64oz green jug.

Mickey’s has a very unique distinction as the “Official Beer of the UFC” (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Is there any product that has a closer relationship with raw no holds barred fighting than Malt Liquor, I think not.

Enough of the history lesson and background, this is one decent Malt Liquor. The taste is solid with no funky smoky flavor or bitter aftertaste. In comparison to other brands, Mickey’s is very smooth and like all Malt Liquors, it’s somewhat potent (not liquid crack potent though). This is a good beer to reward yourself with after a hard day’s work, if you want to take a nap afterwards. Now if your idea of hard work is wearing black underoo’s and fighting random dudes (in a cage), then that is your business.

Check back for another recommendation from The Beer Doctor.