Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five

A look at four of the Final Five Cylons.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five

Like most BSG fans I thought Crossroads II was an amazing episode, but it was also a big old WTF? The identities of four of the Final Five Cylons posed more questions than they answered. My picks for the Final Five were Dualla, Anders, Gaeta, Tory Foster and of course the lovable scoundrel Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. So I was not completely wrong and they jury is still out on Starbuck. The real surprises were obviously Saul Tigh and Chief Tyrol, but as a whole it is a strange group. One interesting fact is that all of the Four of Five were involved in the insurgency on New Caprica.

Saul Tigh

No one saw this one coming right?. Saul Tigh, really? Tigh’s involvement in the first Cylon war and his torture on New Caprica pretty much put him out of the BSG Final Five Office Pool. Ronald D. Moore has stated that these four are really part of the Final Five. So with the possibility of Cylon mind games ruled out what does this actually mean? Have these five Cylons been around their whole lives just waiting for an activation signal like Boomer did. Another question that is posed by Tigh’s Cylon origin is this; Are these Cylons recent duplicates of people that already lived or are they actually the ages that they appear?

 Samuel Anders


Samuel Anders seemed a lot more plausible suspect than they other three. Anders was on Caprica and survived the initial Cylon attack, multiple skirmishes on Caprica and even a bad case of pneumonia on New Caprica. This dude even survived an encounter that kind of sounds sexy but should have been deadly; a threesome of Six, Sharon and Number Three. All this and he still manages to hook up with Kara Thrace and Tory Foster, that’s more luck than he deserves. Interestingly enough Anders is the most shocked out of the Four of Five.

Chief Galen Tyrol

We all know that Galen Tyrol likes a sexy toaster (skin job is so vulgar) as his relationship with Boomer showed. Galen is the parent of a Cylon-Human hybrid just like Sharon, so maybe they can share parenting tips. Like the other Four of Five (I’ll keep using it until it catches on) he was involved in the insurgency on New Caprica. One other similarity with Tigh and Tory is that works in a sector of the fleet that would be strategically advantageous to the Cylons. It is also interesting that Galen played such a large role in the military operations on New Caprica when he had not previously shown any aptitude or knowledge in military matters. Chief Tyrol is the only one out of the four that had expressed a suspicion that he could be a Cylon.

Tory Foster

Tory Foster is the successor to President Laura Roslin’s late chief aide, Billy Keikeya. As President Roslin’s chief aide she is privy to many of the fleets most guarded secrets including the existence and location of Hera Agathon, daughter of Cylon Sharon Agathon. In the same way Boomer was unaware of her initial acts of terrorism aboard the Galactica, Foster could have unknowingly helped Number (D'Anna Biers) Three capture Hera. Like the other three Cylons, Tory is fiercely loyal and she even helped President Roslin fix the elections, although the plan was not successfully carried out. Tory’s relationship with Anders and his shock regarding his Cylon origins should prove to be a major issue for the two of them.

The big issue for the next season won’t be if the fleet makes it to Earth, It will be who is the final Cylon model, Starbuck or President Roslin (please no). Another question will be why now? What triggered the knowledge that these four people are Cylons? Was the song “All Along The Watchtower”  a signal from the Cylon base ships or was it a signal from Earth? There is a “Unified BSG Theory” out there that comes to the conclusion that Starbuck broadcasted the song to the Four of Five. So until the prequel mini season (based on the Pegasus) starts later this year, this will all just be armchair speculation. I am really looking forward to another season of the (second only to The Wire) best show on TV, So say we all.