Vida Guerra: Exposed

CraveOnline talks to Vida Guerra.

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Vida Guerra: Exposed

One of the most popular and sought after women on the internet, Vida Guerra has been seen in film, magazines and the web. Now the Cuban born model is jumping in to a new arena, singing. CraveOnline talked to Vida about modeling, music and her new DVD, Vida Guerra – Exposed.

I hear that you have a new DVD coming out?

Vida Guerra: It’s called Vida Guerra Exposed. It’s kind of like a day in the life of the stuff that I do. Everybody wants to know what I do. It’s an introduction for people to see me in the recording studio and see me as an artist as opposed to a model.

CO: How long have you been singing?

VG: I have been doing it since I was younger. I was in Catholic school and I was choir. Professionally I’ve been doing it for a year and a half.

CO: Is singing that you have always wanted to do?

VG: Yeah, when I was 17 I was doing background vocals for these two R&B guys from my town.

CO:  How old were you when you came to the US from Cuba?

VG: I was five when I left Cuba but by the time I got to the United States I was six, but that’s only because my birthday is in March and we left in February.

CO: After doing acting, singing and modeling, which is your favorite?

VG: Hmm… I enjoy doing the movies [because] that’s fun. The music is fun. Sometimes it’s stressful, the politics involved with it. If it didn’t have that aspect, it would be better.

CO: Do you think people will take you seriously as a singer?

VG: I hope that they would. I hope that their minds are open to that because people can do more than one thing.

CO:  Of your many talents, which would you like to continue doing the most?

VG: Well acting, because it does not matter how old you are. I have three movies that I’ll be shooting next year.

CO: What kind of album did you make musically?

VG: It’s R&B and Hip-Hop with some Spanish influence and some Spanish beats. I have a Reggaeton beat. I am singing and rapping. My singing is not like Mariah Carey and my rap is not like 50 Cent, it’s in the middle.

CO: Are you looking forward to touring and performing?

VG: Yeah my first performance is actually December 9th in North Carolina. I can’t wait to do that. Sometimes people want to hear the music. Like Paris [Hilton], she didn’t do well on her sales. I think if she had gone out there and performed and actually pulled it off the same way, then she would have had more success.

CO: Well then people would believe she was actually singing.

VG: Yeah, that’s the whole thing. I have actually been practicing with choreographers for the last month because I am shooting my video next week.

CO: I know that’s got to be rough.

VG: Yeah it really is. I am working it out, doing the conditioning so that I don’t lose my breath. I might have to take a breather in there. The music is really hard work. You have to be in the studio recording and then you have to get conditioned for it and then you go out and promote it. It takes a lot of time.

CO: What was the hardest part of the process, show preparation or recording?

VG: The preparation. I was in the studio for two months, every single day. I was there for hours, sometimes until three in the morning. Go to sleep wake up and then go back to the studio. I did that for two months in February and March. It’s all hard, but everyone thinks it’s easy. It’s all hard work but if you really want it that what makes you get up in the morning and go through it.

CO: So what’s next for you after the album is released?

VG: I’m going to be working on movies. As far as the music I just want to do three albums and that’s it, because eventually I want to have a family.

[Editor’s Note: VIDA IS SINGLE! I repeat, Vida is currently Single]

CO: So how was the response to your Playboy pictorial?

VG: It was good, everybody said nice things.

CO: Is there anything you want people to know about you?

VG: I have other talents. As far as me being a model and [people] not thinking I can do anything else.

Vida Guerra Exposed will be released on December 5th. Vida will be doing three live shows in support of her album, Theme Park (featuring Paul Wall, Ginuwine, Mike Jones, and Sean Paul) in December so make sure you check her out and for more Vida, please visit her official website

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