New Pictures and Video From The Set of ‘Wonder Woman’

The first shots of Adrianne Palicki in action reveal slight changes to her Wonder Woman costume.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

New Pictures and Video From The Set of 'Wonder Woman'

Nearly two weeks ago, a promotional shot of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman stirred up passionate debate in the online comic fandom (as well as on an episode of The Idiot Box). But now new pictures have emerged featuring Palicki as the Amazon superheroine and they show that tweaks to her costume have already been made.

The photo service WENN (via our sister site, has provided several photos from the set of "Wonder Woman" that were filmed recently in Los Angeles. The most immediately noticeable changes are on Wonder Woman’s boots, which are now red and her pants, which are now less tight and shinny and more closely resemble the comic book outfit designed by Jim Lee.

Wonder Woman’s top also seems to be slipping a little low on Palicki as she runs down the street.

A few video clips from the shoot have also popped up online.

In addition to Palicki, Justin Bruening ("Knight Rider") has been cast as Wonder Woman’s former love, Steve Trevor, with Cary Elwes ("Saw") as Henry Detmer, the head of Wonder Woman’s company, Tracie Thoms as Wonder Woman’s personal assistant, Etta Candy and Pedro Pascal as Wonder Woman’s liaison with the Los Angeles police department. Elizabeth Hurley ("Austin Powers") also appears in the pilot as Veronica Cale, a corporate villain described as Wonder Woman’s Lex Luthor.

Within the next two months, we should know if David E. Kelley’s reinvention of the classic superheroine will make it onto NBC’s fall schedule.

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