The Mighty Thor #1 Preview

Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel pit the son of Odin against the Silver Surfer and Galactus!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The Mighty Thor #1 Preview

Whenever a new Marvel movie comes around, the usual strategy seems to be to relaunch the book with a new first issue and a new creative team.

Fortunately for Thor fans, Matt Fraction is staying on board for The Mighty Thor #1. And he’s being joined by artist Olivier Coipel, whose stunning rendition of the Asgardian characters and their world helped make J. Michael Straczynski’s Thor run into a best seller.

And for the first storyline (which I should add does NOT tie into Fear Itself), Fraction and Coipel are bringing in the big guns to take on Thor: the Silver Surfer and his master, Galactus!

Marvel has released a brief synopsis of the first issue as well as a few preview pages.
"Thor has ushered in a bold new era for the kingdom of Asgard. But when the Silver Surfer suddenly appears to herald the arrival of Galactus in the Odinson’s realm, can the combined might of Thor and his brethren push back the devourer of worlds? World Tree, prepare to meet the World Eater in this terrific starting point for a whole new generation of fans in The Mighty Thor #1, on sale this April!"

The Mighty Thor #1 will strike on April 27, with covers by Coipel, Travis Charest and industry legend, Walt Simonson.

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