Oldtube/Newtube Female Comedic Vlogging Edition

Two GIRL youtubers... this article is hot!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Oldtube/Newtube Female Comedic Vlogging Edition

Oldtube/Newtube Female Comedic Vlogging Edition


Last week took a look at some geeky guys, with some similar styles and dating issues. This week we turn our sights to the fairer sex.


The similarity in this weeks two channels doesn’t stop with cuteness and b00bs, the girls in question both have a unique vlogging style that combines sketch comedy and video blogging.


First up


Old Tube :  Natalie Tran aka “Community Channel”


Hailing from the only country that’s it’s own continent, Australia(and don’t give me that Antarctica shit, cause that doesn’t have any countries not even itself) Natalie has built a massive following that has put her at the top of the youtube charts as the #1 youtuber in Australia (and many other categories) for years


She is  without challenge one of the very first youtubers to build her success on comedic vlogging, with the inclusion of  small elements of Sketch comedy, which in itself is almost entirely cast by herself playing to herself.



Natalie has made a living turning awkward moments into comedy gold. Molehills into Mountains, and keeping her own mountains at a tantalizing distance. She is possibly the nicest and most appreciative youtuber, of her own audience as she crams the end of her videos full of personal responses to comments, and pictures form fans she’s met IRL. 



Natalie is so down to earth and friendly she’s even sent clips for me to use in a video promoting my (still unpublished) Novel ‘Gone’






New Tube : Laura Bubble aka “Laurbubble”


Yet another cutie with an Accent Laura Bubble has been on youtube a year shy of Natalie, but in her 3 years she’s managed to amass only 7800+ subscribers and her most watched video tops out at 69,000+ views, which is no small feet but I personally think this darling dame from across the pond deserves another look.



Aside from the not being asian, another difference that sets Laura apart is that she tends to choose ‘larger’ topics for her videos (not that one is better than the other), as with this video



The Stats:



Channel Views: 48,088,203

Total Upload Views: 358,328,177

Subscribers: 927,208



Channel Views: 167,821

Total Upload Views: 756,401

Subscribers: 7,817



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Sam Proof is an LA based writer/director, founder of podpocalypse.com and executive producer of SamProof.tv. You may know him as Raz from Tim and Eric, or from his popular youtube channel or stickam show. Visit his website, or shoot him a tweet @samproof