Babe of the Week: Chad Suicide

Chad Suicide is just the right mix of sexy and bad.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Babe of the Week: Chad Suicide

If you were ever on the fence about visiting the UK, we can give you a good reason to make a trip across the pond.  Chad Suicide is the best mix of cool and sexy that we have seen in a while.

The idea of eating pizza, watching some Spongebob, throwing back a few tequila shots for good measure and knowing the girl you are hanging with is in heaven seems pretty amazing.

Oh and she looks like this…

Chad Suicide 22 UK

Yeah, we just started packing our bags and brushing up on club soccer too.  Anyone know where we can take some classes on how the hell to play cricket?  Just wondering.

We suggest that while we make travel arrangments, you go check out her full profile.  We know you have not had enough of her yet.  Plus, that will give us a head start…