C2E2: Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel Report

Marvel closes out C2E2 with the return of Supreme Power, the end of Greg Pak's Hulk run... and Iron Man vs. Dark Phoenix?!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

C2E2: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel Report

Of the major comic book publishers at Chicago’s C2E2, Marvel seemed to have the most announcements to make at the show. And on the last day of the show, Brian Michael Bendis, Fred Van Lente, David Liss, editor Tom Brennan and C.B. Cebulski were on hand to wrap up the event with even more news.

The first major item was Cebulski’s confirmation that writer Greg Pak is wrapping up his epic run on Incredible Hulk with a storyline called "Heart of The Monster" which will bring back several foes from Hulk’s past while tying up Pak’s loose ends.

In a surprise move, Marvel also announced a new Supreme Power MAX series that will follow the ground work laid out by J. Michael Straczynski years ago. Howard Chaykin’s miniseries will be referred to, but the bulk of the influence will stem from JMS’ run. Kyle Higgins joined the panel to reveal that he is the writer of the project.

Regarding the Mystery Men teaser image Marvel released a few weeks back, Liss and artist Patrick Zircher are the creative team attached to the project; which will reveal that costumed heroes emerged in the Marvel Universe years years earlier than previously believed. Liss also spoke about an upcoming arc in Black Panther called "Storm Hunter." Storm will finally become a presence in the book as she and T’Challa take on Kraven the Hunter.

In one of the more bizarre projects to be unveiled, Brennan brought forth the Iron Age miniseries by writer Rob Williams that pits Iron Man against one of his long forgotten foes who uses time travel and the power of Dark Phoenix to destroy the Earth, forcing Tony Stark to assemble a team of heroes from across time to save the world.
Van Lente also spoke about fan favorite character, Amadeus Cho; who will return in a currently unannounced Fear Itself tie-in written by Van Lente that will also use the new Power Man.