Valve Handling Portal 2 Advertising

The makers of Steam are taking advertising into their own hands with their portal manipulating sequel.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Valve Handling Portal 2 Advertising

Due to the copycat mentality of ad agencies — sticking with what sells, not with what makes something unique — Valve has decided to produce all the advertisements for Portal 2 in-house. Smart move, as long as you got the money to do it. And Valve surely has the money; they are the masterminds behind Steam, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and Portal after all.  

Here’s what Doug Lombardi, marketing VP for Valve, had to say about the company taking advertising matters into their own hands:

"With the Portal 2 ad, we playtested it and were able to make changes during production. With an agency, those types of tests are too often left to a post-mortem – at which point, the value of those realizations is pretty close to worthless."

Want to see the fruit of Valve’s labor? Here’s the first 30-second TV spot for Portal 2 that Valve hand-crafted. And if we may chime in real quick, they did a bang up job. In thirty seconds Valve manages to detail the core gameplay mechanic of Portal 2, as well as make you fall in love with the two robotic characters on screen. Look out Pixar, Valve has you done their sights.


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