V 2.10 ‘Mother’s Day’

The Fifth Column is rocked by several deaths as the Visitors put their final plans in motion.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

V 2.10 'Mother's Day'

Episode Title: "Mother’s Day"
Writers: Scott Rosenbaum & Gregg Hurwitz
Director: Bryan Spicer
Previously on "V":           
The Visitors’ leader Anna (Morena Baccarin) discovered a way to "Bliss" humans at a great physical cost to herself. But she managed to charm Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) when he started to feel human emotions for his mother again. While Anna’s plan was contingent upon having Tyler mate with Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), she also pulled a Queen Egg out of nowhere to serve as her backup plan if Lisa failed or turned on her.

Back on Earth, Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) wormed his way back into the Fifth Column resistance when he helped Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure), Formerly Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) and boy scientist, Sidney Miller (Bret Harrison) avert a catastrophic explosion at the Visitors’ Concordia site. Later, Erica and Lisa came up with a new plan to unseat Anna from power. To that end, they introduced the rest of their crew to Diana (Jane Badler), Anna’s mother and the former Visitor queen who promised to help Lisa take control of their people.

Erica wakes up to find Anna sitting by her bed armed with a weapon. She tells Erica that they’re alike before killing her. Then Erica wakes up in bed with Hobbes (Hugh Jackman’s stunt double), which is apparently a fate worse than death. At the next meeting for Erica’s resistance cell, they contact Diana and go over their plan with her. Lisa is smuggled to Earth in a coffin and told that the plan is to fake her kidnapping and lure Anna to Earth. Lisa is also given a gun and told to shoot her mother when the time comes.

Later, on the mothership, Anna is pissed off when Chad Decker airs a video from the Fifth Column featuring Lisa tied up and the demand that Anna trade her own life for her daughter’s. Erica and the FBI tell Anna that Jack is being used as the go-between with the Fifth Column and she challenges him over his actions. Jack scoffs at her accusations and says he only answers to God before giving her an envelope with the Fifth Column’s demands. Anna’s top tracker then sniffs the DNA on the envelope and tracks down Lisa to an abandoned warehouse.

In front of a media throng, Anna enters the warehouse alone and frees Lisa. In reflection, Anna spots Lisa pulling a gun on her and she pretends to be overcome by human emotion. Lisa is moved by her mother’s crocodile tears and stashes the weapon without hurting her. Outside, Erica and Chad are stunned to see Anna still alive and they pass on a warning to Ryan and Joshua (Mark Hildreth) to get Diana back to her cell. Diana refuses and instead addresses her people on the ship and vows to have a new peaceful co-existence between humans and Visitors.

Of course, then Anna shows up to kill Diana with her tail and she has Lisa led away as a traitor. Joshua warns Ryan to leave the ship, but he refuses to leave his daughter, Amy. However, Amy has aged again and she now blames Ryan for abandoning her. She kills her own father when he doesn’t fight back. Down below, Erica and Jack discover that Hobbes has abandoned them. In desperation, Erica calls Tyler on the ship and tells him everything that she knows. Only he doesn’t quite believe her and the FBI is listening to her.

Tyler insists upon hearing the truth from Lisa, who Anna has locked up in Diana’s old cell. The queen egg is used to create a new Lisa, who mates with Tyler and fatally bites his neck after sex. Anna also learns that Chad was in on the attempt on her life and sends her goons to bring him to her. Meanwhile, Erica is kidnapped and brought before Lars Tremont (Marc Singer), the leader of Project Aries, a worldwide coalition working against the Visitors. Erica’s FBI boss and partner are both revealed to be members. In the mothership, Anna prepares to "Bliss" humanity all at once and nearly dies in the process. But Amy completes the ritual with no ill effect.

Erica emerges from Project Aries underground headquarters and finds the entire city in a "Bliss" induced daze… even Jack. And more Visitor motherships approach the Earth as the defenseless planet stares upward.


You know, I can’t remember a sci-fi show where humanity was largely conquered by its sheer incompetence… until "V."

Seriously, have any of the Fifth Column’s plans worked this season? This is the most inept bunch of resistance fighters I’ve ever seen. They might as well douse humanity in A-1 sauce and say "Please Eat us." It wouldn’t be less effective than what they’ve already done. To recap, their entire plot was based on getting a daughter to assassinate her mother… and they had no contingency plan if that didn’t happen?! No one stashed in the warehouse to finish the job? These people deserve to be eaten.

I’m also amazed that the show killed off two of the three characters that I suggested for death. But it still managed to bungle most of the impact from their respective ends. In what should have been a dramatic scene where Ryan confronts his daughter, Morris Chestnut just looks bored and eager to escape the series as his neck snaps. As for Tyler Evans (my most hated character on the show), his appearance here is little more than a cameo. He’s not even around during Lisa’s fake kidnapping! If his death was meant to evoke a sympathetic response from the audience, it didn’t work.

I was surprised to see Diana go, as Jane Badler has been fun to watch all season. It was also disappointing that Diana wanted exactly what she said that she wanted. I was hoping for an epic double cross, or at least a Visitor civil war. As much as I’ve enjoyed Laura Vandervoort on the show, Lisa should have been killed in the warehouse. Especially if the new queen is still played by Vandervoort. Leaving Lisa alive seemed like a lost opportunity to take away a character that the audience actually likes. Tyler and Ryan were basically dead weight.

It was pretty funny when the Visitors came to take Chad away and he nervously straightened his tie before going with them. However, if the little weasel survived this bloodbath, I’m sure he’d find a way to talk himself out of trouble again. You see, Earth only has one newsman and the show seems determined to keep it that way!

The one real bright spot here was the long awaited introduction of Marc Singer as the leader of humanity’s real resistance movement, Project Aries. But don’t worry, if the series comes back I’m sure that Erica would end up in charge of it and run the organization into the ground just like she did for the Fifth Column. Also as a side note, if you’re the leader of the Fifth Column, why not use some additional assets on your most important mission? I swear, the writers on this show have no imagination when comes to conducting guerilla warfare.

If "V" doesn’t return for a third season, I won’t lose any sleep over it. This show has had so many chances to blow us away and it’s failed each time. To invite it back will only bring more of the same.

Crave Online Rating: 6 out of 10.