ARCHER 2.06 ‘Tragical History’

Cyril sets up a crisis to make himself look like a hero, before begging Archer to save the day.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

ARCHER 2.06 'Tragical History'

Episode Title: "Tragical History"

Writer: Adam Reed

It seems like every supporting character on "Archer" is going to get a spotlight episode this season. And this week, it’s Cyril’s (Chris Parnell) turn, as the hapless comptroller of ISIS is on the receiving of massive abuse from his coworkers before George Spelvin (Peter Serafinowicz) makes him an offer he can’t refuse: infect the ISIS computers with a harmless pirate virus and make himself look like a hero when he manages to fix the problem.

Naturally, it’s a double cross and the virus mutates into an attempt to steal the identities of every undercover ISIS agent in the world. And Cyril’s reactions say a lot about him. His first response is to reluctantly take the $50,000 bribe from George and start spending it on new suits. Once he realizes the severity of what the virus will do, Cyril tries to buy back the list and even goes to Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) for help. But even in that, Cyril begs Archer to assist him not for his own sake, but for the lives of their agents.

Of course, as the resident a**hole, Archer demands the remaining payout as well as Cyril’s new suits and shoes. Yeah, he’s kind of a dick, but Archer was back in form this week with some of the funniest lines of the season. Like his trademark lack of wit: "Who do I look like? Count Bullet-sula? Like Count Dracula? That wasn’t good. Come back to me." Or the perfect one liner to his mother’s "Hanoi" rant.

Archer’s brief sword fight with George and the twin Ninja girls was one actually a hilarious and exciting sequence. I love that Archer casually asked George if he could have a sword when he was unarmed and the older man said "Why not?" The world of "Archer" is south of sanity, and weirdly enough, Archer himself is becoming the rare voice of stability.

On the supporting character front, Krieger gets the best moments as he romances an artificial Anime girl he created and then spends the rest of the episode trying to create a replacement girl. "Also, yes." If we’re creating a wishlist for characters who need more screentime, then Krieger and Carol are at the top of the list.

But getting back to Cyril, how fitting is it that he does finally get to save the day, with no one but Archer as a witness? Also, George Spelvin may be one of my favorite villains on the show to date. He’s actually able to fight Archer and come up with clever quips throughout. He even knew when to cut his losses and walk away, which makes me hope he’ll eventually return.

So far, only the fourth episode of this season was noticeably less funny than the others. The rest have been comedy gold. If "Archer" can keep this up, it may even rival "The Venture Bros." as one of the best animated comedies on TV.

The top five "Archer" moments of the week are:


Archer: "It’s like it’s made out of Wolverine’s bones."

[Awkward pause]

Archer: "You know, cause they’re… Does nobody read X-Men?"


Archer: "What?! Krieger can’t even beat it! Krieger whose virtual girlfriend is so real the state of New York is allowing him to marry her."

Archer: "Shoot him, Cyril! But just him, I think the twins are warming up to me."


Mallory: "Because most secret agents don’t tell every harlot from here to Hanoi that they are secret agents!"

Archer: "Then why be one?"


Cyril: "I happen to be a kick-ass accountant!"

George: "Did that sound a lot better in your head?"

Cyril: "Yes it did."


Crave Online Rating: 9 out of 10.