Marvel Announces Free Fear Itself Digital Comics

Fear Itself: The Worthy will focus on the eight villains chosen to serve the God of Fear.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Announces Free Fear Itself Digital Comics

On Monday, Marvel released the cover of Fear Itself #2, which revealed that "The Worthy" are a select number of villains empowered by the God of Fear.

To follow the eight "Worthy" characters, Marvel has announced Fear Itself: The Worthy, an eight part digital comic series that will be available weekly, beginning on April 27. Each installment will focus on a member of "The Worthy" and explore the moments in their backstories that led to their selection for the God of Fear’s army. Each issue will be free on the Marvel Comics app for the iTunes store, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and Marvel Comics on Chrome.

From the cover of Fear Itself #2, we know that Juggernaut, the Absorbing Man and the Grey Gargoyle are among "The Worthy." But a new illustration from Marvel (via Bleeding Cool) has revealed that Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull will also be chosen.


The Fear Itself creative team also weighed in on Sin’s redesign for the series.

"Aww, look at Daddy’s Little Girl, all grown up. In a few issues time she’ll accomplish what her father failed to do," wrote Matt Fraction. "The design challenge for this character was to honor her previous incarnations while incorporating quasi-Norse ophidian elements," added artist Stuart Immonen. "Moreover, the idea was to make her look powerful, imposing, and god-like, Nothing like raising the bar from page one, right?"

The latest announcement also states that "The Worthy" will also be made up of heroes corrupted by the God of Fear, which partially explains the teaser that featured the Thing, the Hulk and Colossus vying for one the enchanted, Mjolnir-like hammers.

Fear Itself #1 will come out in comic stores on April 06, 2011.