X-Men Legacy Team Leaves Earth During The Year of The X-Men

Rogue, Magneto and Professor X depart from Utopia to take on a new threat, after the Age of X.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

X-Men Legacy Team Leaves Earth During The Year of The X-Men

One of the teasers from MMXI – The Year of The X-Men released last week depicted the new cast of X-Men Legacy: Rogue, Magneto, Gambit, Professor X, Legion and Frenzy.  And it looks like the new team will be leaving the other X-men behind.

During a press conference on Marvel.com, X-Men Legacy writer Mike Carey indicated that Rogue and her team will leave Utopia and Earth behind to face a threat connected to the current Age of X storyline. And the newly released cover for X-Men Legacy also seems to tie that reality to the mainstream Marvel Universe, as the Age of X counterparts of Gambit, Frenzy, Magneto, Legion and Rogue are reflected in a pool of blood at their feet.

X-Men Legacy #248 cover

"For a while, it’s going to be partially a team book," explained Carey. "If there’s one thing that’s been consistent about ‘Legacy’ over the past couple of years, it’s been that nothing is consistent…there’s been a changing cast of one or two characters at a time and a whole bunch of supporting cast. That’s part of the fun of the book… Having said that, there’s a set amount of stability in this team."

"There’s a huge pleasure in choosing a group of characters from the X-Men universe who can play off each other in unexpected ways," added Carey. "Obviously you’ve got Professor X and Magneto together…the spokespersons for two views of mutants together. You’ve got the parent/child relationships between Professor X and Legion. And you’ve got some very interesting romantic/erotic situations as well with Rogue having been involved with Gambit and Magneto."

Rafa Sandoval will be coming on board the book as the artist, with Clay Mann also scheduled to come back to the title.

X-Men Legacy #248 hits comic stores in May.


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