‘Devil May Cry’ Movie in Development

The ammunition industry rejoices as the bullet-riddled videogame franchise gets a movie deal.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Devil May Cry' Movie in Development

Screen Gems knows a thing or two about videogame movies. At least, they know how to make money off of them… whether they make them well is a matter of some debate. The production company behind the lucrative but scurrilous Resident Evil franchise has just acquired the movie rights to another successful Capcom videogame series: Devil May Cry. Kyle Ward, the screenwriter of the upcoming Kane & Lynch movie (supposedly upcoming anyway… it’s been a while since we’ve heard thing one about it), has been hired to adapt the series, although it’s unknown which if any game in the franchise will be the basis for the first film in what Screen Gems doubtless hopes will become a perennial moneymaking series a la Resident Evil. We got the story from Gamespot, by the way.

Fittingly, the first Devil May Cry videogame was originally conceived as a spin-off of the Resident Evil series, but after abandoning Resident Evil‘s survival horror roots to become a straight up action bonanza – not unlike the Resident Evil film series, incidentally – it was retooled into its own entity. The first game starred Dante, a half-demon mercenary, who hunted for the evil emperor Mundus in a gothic castle filled with deadly marionettes. Yeah, it’s not exactly Annie Hall, but the game was a non-stop bullet fest with a series of sequels that only got crazier and crazier, with epic cinematic sequences featuring Dante and future protagonist Nero performing ridiculous feats of bad-assery that made the actual gameplay seem relatively tame in comparison. No small feat, considering the franchise’s outlandishly action-packed level design and gunfire so magnum-sized that it regularly propels enemies into the air.

Crave Online will return with more Devil May Cry news as it frustratingly makes us backtrack all the way through the second half of Devil May Cry 4. Seriously, that was annoying as hell.