Marvel Releases Fear Itself #2 Cover

Steve McNiven's latest cover reveals three of 'The Worthy' and confirms our theory.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Releases Fear Itself #2 Cover

Two weeks ago, Marvel released a series of teaser images for Fear Itself which featured several heroes and villains vying for five different Mjolnir-like hammers with the tagline "Who are The Worthy?"

Earlier today, Marvel revealed three of the so-called "Worthy" in the second cover from Fear Itself by Steve McNiven. And their identity confirms my theory: supervillains are being chosen to serve the God of Fear just as heroes are being picked to oppose him.

Fear Itself #2

As you can see, the first three members of "The Worthy" are the Absorbing Man, Juggernaut and the Grey Gargoyle, each of whom has been radically upgraded with presumably god-like powers.

Of the two remaining teasers, we still don’t know whether Dracula, Storm or the Red Skull were empowered or if the curiously all-hero lineup of Hulk, Thing and Colossus will also give in to Fear’s power.

On McNiven’s first cover for the series, Thor appeared to have been defeated by an unknown foe. Judging by the latest cover, it looks like he’s being taken off of the playing field pretty early in the story.

Marvel also released some new promotional text for the miniseries.

Prepare to fear tomorrow as Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen deliver the most anticipated event of 2011 kicking off this April with an extra sized debut issue! With the entire world paralyzed fear, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of Earth’s Mightiest heroes must battle an unstoppable tide of terror that will send shockwaves throughout the entire Marvel Universe. From the halls of Avengers Tower to the spires of Asgard, the entire Marvel Universe is about to enter a waking nightmare and no show of force, no attempt to reason, not even unconditional surrender can ever undo the damage done.

The mysterious Worthy have arrived to serve the unforgiving God of Fear. Who are they and what do they mean for the survival of the Marvel Universe? Extinguish all hope because this April the Marvel Universe is rocked to its core, only in Fear Itself!

Fear Itself #1 will haunt stores on April 06, with the second issue following it on May 04. 


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