Hamann Hawk Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 2011 Pictures

This Hawk will track down anything its chasing after.

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Hamann Hawk Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 2011 Pictures



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Hamann Hawk Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

No prizes for guessing what inspired the bird of prey model name. The Gold paintwork is also very majestic and eye-grabbing. Then there`s the bodykit`s wind tunnel test – no bird of prey would survive without hardening to the gusty path between rocky mountains. The Hawk SLS AMG`s new bodywork incorporates slipstreams for the hot air from its carbon fibre bonnet. The suspension has height adjustable dampers and the rims are forged lightweight varieties. A horizontal dive to 62mph from standstill takes just 3.6 seconds and the top speed 199mph – field mice, you don`t stand a chance. Neither do hedgehogs for that matter.

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