Grand Theft Auto V Inbound? Domain Names Say “Yes”

They've been registered, and it's almost too obvious...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Grand Theft Auto V Inbound? Domain Names Say

Every once in a while a gaming company buys up a few domain names to generate some viral hype for their upcoming project. That’s when we, games writers, dive all over the latest registries and lather it with newsy goodness and toss it up for you to see.

This time, Take-Two has registered several goofy domain names. These names, once you see them you’ll agree, point towards what absolutely must be Grand Theft Auto V. GTA games are infamous for delivering poignant, contemporary satire and spoof when it comes to fake in-game advertising and hype viral marketing. Think about it, Pisswasser the booze?

The domain names in question?

Of course, we’re all guessing here. This could be a completely unrelated project by Take-Two. But judging by the URLs, the timing and the company that’s buying them up, these domains almost definitely point towards a new entry in the GTA line.

We’ll have more as it comes.

[Awesome image and news via Ripten]