Next Gen News – Episode #52

Zelda's 25 years old. We reminisce.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Next Gen News - Episode #52

Welcome back to Next Gen News, CravOnline’s weekly gaming podcast with your hosts Joey Davidson and Erik Norris.

This week’s episode is dedicated entirely to The Legend of Zelda. The series celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this week and we figured it necessary to determine the three greatest Zelda games ever created, live on the air. How we went about doing this is Joey detailed his top three, then Erik did the same. Then we argued and bitched back and forth until only three titles remained. But we feel confident in our selections, once the dust settled. So listen in to find out what they are. Also, we manage to not-so-smoothly fit in a PSA about the Dragon Age II demo being available and what it could mean for you!

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