New Eddie Griffin Album and Special

Edgy comedian returns to Comedy Central, and your DVD player! Check it out.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

New Eddie Griffin Album and Special


As I prepared to write this article I was suddenly struck with the realization that I had not written about a comedian of high caliber in a long time. That might be because I’ve only been covering the humor beat for a short time, but I haven’t even heard of a comedian this good doing anything in a long time. I was glad to hear good news, however, later, when I saw the pre-release clips of the show, it become great news.

For those who have been living under a rock, Eddie Griffin has been rocking stages, and movie screens since 1990. He was a musician for even longer (you can check out his music on his website its good.) He’s had more then a few comedy specials on HBO and elsewhere, and his own series (Malcolm and Eddie) and been in pretty much everything. He was even in “The Last Boy Scout” which is one of my favorite movies (and should be yours, too).

Griffin’s latest stand-up special, premiers on Comedy Central on February 19th (at 1AM) and then comes out on DVD on the 22nd. It is definitely a tour de force. In a recent phone interview I asked him how he felt he has grown as a comedian. He answered simply that the timing is better, the subjects grittier, and the whole thing more clever. All this bares out in the special, with no-holds-barred jokes and more then a few punch lines that leave you in alternating fits of shock and laughter.

I’ve noticed that comedians tend to have two types of jokes: those based on observations of things in their lives, and the ones that come from a deeper place of personal interest and passion. These “pet-project” jokes often reflect the comedian’s world view. When I asked Griffin which of his jokes were pulled from this place he said those regarding religion, and the way youth and their elders relate. It’s no surprise that these jokes were my favorite in the special, and I bet they will be yours, too. These jokes drive to what Eddie hopes people will take away from this show, that people should stop taking themselves so seriously.

So check out “Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell ‘em I Said It” on the 19th (it’s a late Saturday night, so come home from the party and watch) and pick up the DVD on the 22ed.

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The uncensored digital album of "Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It" will also be released on February 22 by COMEDY CENTRAL Records.