Top Ten Comedic Duos

Ten of the funniest combos in film.

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Top Ten Comedic Duos

The upcoming home video release of the comedy Due Date (starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifanakis) has got us thinking; Where would be without buddy comedies? Two insane guys using each other to generate laugh after laugh. CraveOnline would like to take a look at some of the cooler pairs to hit the screen over the years. The overall list was pretty long, and coming up with just ten sets was no easy task, but we made it happen for you!

#10 Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

While they are more of a ‘buddy action’ pair, you have to admit that both these guys create several truly hilarious scenes throughout the course of both of their Bad Boys films. As detectives Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Smith) the duo manage to deliver equal parts action and comedy. The biggest reason this duo works is that funny man Martin Lawrence is tempered perfectly with hip hop star Smith who isn’t guaranteed to be funny, but dammit he is. The real shame is that these guys have only done the Bad Boys films together.


#9 Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

Who says you can’t repackage the same jokes three times and still make money? Obviously they weren’t one of the millions of people worldwide who went and saw the third Rush Hour movie. The fact that Tucker hadn’t really done anything leading up to Rush Hour might be evidence that Tucker knows something about Hollywood that we don’t. Whether you love or hate the Rush Hourfranchise, you have to admit that Jackie Chan’s charm, mixed with Chris Tucker’s antics makes for a fun hour and a half.


#8 Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise

Before Vin Diesel and Paul Walker made a bunch of shitty car movies, Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise made a bunch of shitty car movies, but these are funny. Whether it’s The Cannonball Run or Smokey and the Bandit films you’re talking about, you know all about those early 80’s ‘Sally Fields was still cute’ days of film making. If you’re in your early twenties you’re thinking two things, One: Who the f@#k is Dom DeLuise? And Two: What’s the big deal about Burt Reynolds. The answer to number one is highly unimportant, just type Captain Chaos into a google search. You’re gonna have to ask your mom about her strange fixation with Mr. Reynolds, and yes, that probably is the reason you don’t see your dad much anymore.


#7 Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd will always stick in my mind as the guy who beat the dog-shit out of Michael Myers, but to most people he’s the guy who nailed Alicia Silverstone at the end of Clueless. Well these days he and Seth Rogan have become somewhat of a comedic duo thanks mostly to their work together on summer movie Knocked Up( after appearing together in The 40 year old Virgin). In Knocked Up, Rogan finds a kindred spirit in Rudd and because we see them meet onscreen the hilarity that follows is kind of a surprise. The two actors present a situation that a lot of guys are familiar with, two men can always bond over their frustrations with women.


#6 Ice Cube and Mike Epps

These guys made the list because you didn’t see it coming, as they were really surprising to those who didn’t know better. While Ice Cube is better known for being a not nice person, we all know now that he’s the funniest tough guy to hit the screen. Match him with the tried and true Mike Epps and you get some really inspired comedy. Epps managed to replace the irreplaceable by stepping in for Chris Tucker in the Friday films and he then managed to turn those roles into bigger ones. With any luck we’ll see another project featuring both Cube and Epps.


#5 Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

Ben Stiller is one of the best ‘straight men’ in comedy these days, as he has made a career as a foil for various funny men throughout the years. His most consistent partner in crime has been Owen Wilson by far. If you weren’t a fan of Starsky and Hutchthat’s okay, it wasn’t for everyone, but what about the Royal Tenenbaums? That movie was awesome in large part to both Stiller and Wilson. Add Zoolander to the mix, and you could sit with Aaron Seaney and pull a thousand different memorable quotes from that movie.


#4 John Favreau and Vince Vaughn

Are you sick of some random ass doing the same tired Vince Vaughn ‘baby’ routine every single time he so much sniffs in a girls direction? Well there’s a reason douche bags worldwide won’t let that crap go; it was funny. Personally, I’m a fan of Favreau leaving the creepiest answering machine message in the history of cinema. Both actors generated a great deal of momentum making these movies and have gone on to do great things since. But no matter how far they go in their careers, Vaughn will have to always be on the lookout for that ‘guy’ who can’t live another second until VInce does ‘Trent’ just one more time.


#3 Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier

Please god, tell me you saw Uptown Saturday Night? If you haven’t seen that then you need to stop reading this and go out and rent that movie and movies called Let’s Do It Again and A Piece of the Action. There is a reason that most comedians put up with Bill Cosby’s constant criticism of today’s comics, because he earned the right. Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier defined the buddy comedy in 1974, and most of the movies that you would point out for this list borrowed from Cosby and Poitier’s playbook. Don’t take my word for it, do yourself a favor and get reacquainted with to comedic legends.


#2 Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor

It was a tough call as to whether this pair was a better one than Cosby and Poitier, but body of work was the deciding factor in the final decision. Pryor and his partner in crime rattled off four movies together with no sequels. Even with Pryor’s health failing they made two memorable films, and the two done while Pryor and Wilder were both in their primes (Stir Crazy and Silver Streak) are easily some of the best comedies of all time. There is a scene where Richard Pryor is trying to convince a warden that he is mentally unfit for jail time, the scene depicts simulated masturbation (please take it in context) and I would bet five bucks that not one person remembers what was said in that scene because they couldn’t hear from laughing.


#1 Laurel and Hardy

Yeah, I don’t know much about these two guys personally, but thanks to research… The two first hit the scene together in a film shot in 1919 called The Lucky Dog, but it wasn’t until 1926 that the duo started working together on a regular basis, and officially became a team a year later. Their most popular films were Sons of the Desert (1933), Way Out West (1937), and Block-Heads (1938). Their last movie was made in France in 1950 and was titled Atoll K. By the end of their professional career they had appeared together in 106 films. All jokes aside, the story of Laurel and hardy is one Hollywood’s best; they had a rich and storied history that dated back to the very beginnings of television. Do yourself a favor and look them up sometime.