Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four Join Forces In FF # 1

Get a first look at pages from the new ongoing series from Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four Join Forces In FF # 1

Spider-Man and the former Fantastic Four are joining together to become the Future Foundation in FF, a new ongoing series debuting next month.

Jonathan Hickman will remain on FF following the final issue of the Fantastic Four, with Steve Epting (Captain America) on art. Marvel has released several pages from the first issue of FF with a brief description:

"The fight for tomorrow begins today! In the wake of the Human Torch’s heroic sacrifice, Marvels’ first family has re-emerged as the Future Foundation. Spider-Man may their newest teammate, but who else has signed up to protect the future from itself? And what does their presence portend for the world at large?

Readers new and old alike – you’ve never seen the FF like this before! Prepare to witness the mind-blowing birth of the super-team that will change everything this March, only in FF #1!"

FF #1 will hit comic stores on March 23. 

FF Cover

FF Page 3

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