Top 5 Things to Do Now That Wonder Woman Has Pants

Wonder Woman has pants, you have a new found respect for nearly anything else...

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Originally I was going to lash out. I was going to rant. I was going to make an extremely pithy commentary on the change from the horrible blue latex to the horrible blue canvas costumes that have been surfacing on the extremely un-Amazonian body of Adrianne Palicki.


For the record, she’s a beautiful lady, and I have no problem with her taking on Jennifer Grey’s role of Toni in the up and coming Red Dawn remake (which I’m dreading). But Linda Carter she is not. Shockingly on IMDB Kelly Galindo is listed as ‘Fake Wonder Woman’ but by god man, she’s the iconic image of our lady of justice personified! WTF David E Kelly, WTF!?


So I digress, the point is. Now that Wonder Woman has pants, you have an extra hour or so of free time to use each week! Cause you sure as hell won’t need to watch it.


1)    Catch up on Discontinued Web Serials

Here’s one from Channel 101, it’s called a Cautionary tale of Swords. It’s only 6 episodes long… so sad. It starts simple enough with a man explaining the dangers of swords, and then a few dramatizations of these perils.


A few episodes later the show takes one a narrative and in fact goes quiet extremely insane.


2) Make a webcomic

Web videos are fun to watch, but hey why not get in to it. Videos might not be the easiest thing in the world to pump out. Web Comics however have almost no standards what so ever. You don’t need to be a great artist, just have a great sense of humor.


And actually you don’t even have to be that funny, as long as you can relate to sex.



3) Draw Things People Are already Saying

If you do have a modicum of artistic ability, but you aren’t really all that funny, you might want to try this old time killer. Take something people are already complaining about on the internet and make a chart; Like common typos people make.




Then be a real ass when people steal your graphic of stolen ideas and repost it somewhere on the internet.


4) Create a Zine

There was a day and age where the underground voice was extremely loud. People could connect with hundreds of like minded folks and even make a buck or two, just by putting together a clever collection of words an images, making a hundred photocopies and selling then on consignment at the local indie record store(or now through a website).

Here I even have an instructional video on how to make one. It’s easy.


Speak loud young revolutionary, you could soon be as famous as Mykle Hansen. (who ever that is).


5) Start a very Niche Tumblr

Zine’s are so old school and underground, and frankly it actually takes some amount of work and patience… who has time for that? On the other hand everyone’s got a tumblr these days, and the only way to make it worthwhile is to do exactly what other people are doing but more specifically. Why have a Tom Selleck tumblr when you could have a tumblr didecated to Tom Selleck Waterfalls and Sandwiches.



This one is about girls that dress in batman shirts



Maybe you could do one about girls in spider man thongs with Barbecue Sauce Recipes?



Point being enjoying all the free time you’ll have not masturbating to the new Wonder Woman show. I’m sorry your childhood is going to suck kid.


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