Spider-Man: Edge of Time’s First Trailer (and Screens)

It's your kids, Spidey! Something's got to be done about your kids! OK, just kidding. It's you. You die.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


First Activision announced it. Then they teased it at WonderCon. Now they’ve sent around an asset packet of “the goods” for our viewing pleasure. Hot off the presses are a teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, as well as eight fresh screenshots. Edge of Time features the Spider-Men of the “Amazing” and “2099” universes working together in order to save Spider-Man from certain death. As far as we know, a DeLorean will not be involved.

This first trailer shows off some of the gameplay, while also giving us a glimpse at the “cause and effect” nature of this new Spider-Man title. If we’re being completely honest, we kind of dig the new look for Lady Liberty. Though it’s a step down from the rockin’ version seen in Ghostbusters II. What do you think?


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