Best Shopping Areas in Montreal

We take a look at the best places to shop in Montreal.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Montreal is known for a lot of things – its history, smoked meat, melange of adult entertainment, and European flair. But it’s also known for its great shopping. With a range of different areas to find the latest fashions and much more, locals as well as visitors can always find a fantastic shopping district to help them put a dent in their wallets.


So here are four of the best shopping areas in Montreal.


St. Laurent Boulevard

Otherwise known to locals as “The Main,” St. Laurent Street is not only a fun street where you can go shopping but it’s also home to some of the most posh supperclubs and nightclubs in the city, meaning you can spend all day and night perusing this lively area. Also, right at the bottom of St. Laurent you can find Chinatown.


Don’t miss their annual summer street sale – an entire stretch of the street is shut down and all of the store owners set up shop outside in the road and offer huge discounts (not to mention the fantastic food from all the local restaurants being prepared on outdoor terraces).


St. Denis Street

Located just a few blocks east of St. Laurent, St. Denis has all of the main brandname stores, like Aldo, Le Chateau and much more. There are also some great restaurants and cafes located along this popular stretch so make time for a quick bite.


St. Catherine Street

Probably the most iconic street in Montreal, St. Catherine Street has everything from stores, restaurants, strip clubs, churches, and everything in-between. Go to Place Ville Marie and the Eaton Centre for an entire mall (partially underground) and floors upon floors of stores. Also, stop off at the Soup and Noodle for the best General Tao chicken in town (1871 St. Catherine Street) or grab a coffee at the 24-hour Second Cup (1122 St. Catherine Street).


St. Hubert Street

While this may be the go-to shopping district for brides-to-be (there are loads of wedding shops here), there are also other great stores for men’s fashions, footwear, and more. The sales are always on, the sidewalks are always packed, and the best part of this area – the sidewalks are covered, so you can still get out there and shop on the rainiest/snowiest of days.